Crashing on iPadOS [August 2023]

And everyone is up to date on iOS? Mine crashed for a while, and somehow it stopped. Racking my brain to try to remember what I did before it stopped.

Has anyone else had that happen?

The iPad would go back to the first screen, and eventually progress back to the ‘in game ride’ normal screen.

im having the same crashing issues. totally kills me. it seems to happen in the last 10 minutes of completing a work out. same equipment in the same location for 5+ years

as you’ve identified the root cause, could you let us know whether this is related to a certain route/map for example?
I’m just looking for a workaround for my training later today…

I have done the delete and redownload (in case something went wrong during the upgrade process) and was hoping for a positive outcome. Not sure if patch will come through before I actually ride tomorrow morning.

I am also having this problem. Zwift do you have a fix coming soon?

Everyone in this thread - please note that Zwift version 1.47.2 is a patch that addresses this crash. Please update from the App Store at your earliest convenience.


Excellent news! Thanks for the help here @shooj . I’ll test during my rides this week and revert with any issues.

Just out of interest @shooj , what’s the definition of a ‘low memory’ device? The wife has got about 8gb free…

It’s important to distinguish between “memory” and “storage.” When we say “low memory,” we’re talking about devices with 4GB or less of RAM installed, not how much free storage space is left.

Apple likes to hide information about RAM in their devices. It would help us if you’d tell us the specific model number of iPad. Here’s how to look that up. You can search for the model number on other sites like that will tell you how much RAM is installed in that tablet.

Model number is A1822, seems it only has 2 GB of RAM, that doesn’t seem a lot to me… :grimacing:

No, it is not a lot. But Zwift was still working fine until a recent update. The patch put into place this past Tuesday seems to be working OK so far (fingers crossed).


@shooj still crashing, even after the 1.47.2 patch. Please have the developers keep working on it.

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I’ve passed along your comment.

Thanks. For what it’s worth, I was on Makuri today, which does seem to be the biggest ‘memory hog’ of all the worlds, so that may not have helped. Either way, still a crash that, IMO, should not be happening. Also, thinking back about the crashing, it is clear to me that this started with the introduction of the holo-replays. I wasn’t getting crashes at the time, but there were definitely more ‘glitchy’ graphics. And with each iteration since things have gotten a bit worse, until the recent updates where the actual crashes have started. It doesn’t even seem to matter that I have turned off all of the holo-replay stuff, as it still seems to be doing something in the background, even if I am not visually seeing anything in-game.

I do realize that my iPad is not new anymore, and that the 2G of RAM it has is not much, but it nice if I don’t have to get a new device. I know a lot of other users have had their machines deprecated over the years, so if a 2 GB iPad will no longer work with Zwift, I guess that’s the way it is, but I also think that things like this need to be published ahead of time.


Honestly @shooj is 2gb of ram now getting too low for zwift…? Given how long iPads last there probably will be a lot out there that the game has now outgrown. Problem is you can’t add new ram sticks to them…:worried:

Oh, we hear you. Over time, operating systems also take up a bigger memory footprint and eats up its share of available RAM leaving less headroom for apps.

We work hard to economize our app’s RAM footprint and keep Zwift running smoothly on lower-memory devices so that they’re viable as long as possible.


A2436 allways crashing

iPad A2198 3GB RAM, 35mins today with no crash. Hope it stays that way

Hi @Michael_Born7323, the A2436 model iPad should have around 8GB of RAM. If it’s crashing, it may not be due to the memory issue most folks on this thread are experiencing. If you are still experiencing crashes in 1.47.2, please reach out to us at Community Support and we’ll be glad to troubleshoot with you.

Hey all - a v 1.48.2 patch for iOS and Apple TV is available in the App Store. It should address the crashes reported in this thread. Please let us know if does / does not, and thanks for your patience!