Game Update 1.47 [August 2023]

Oh, I understand iPad has always been native (iOS has never done emulation).

I would think now that the macOS build is native-ARM, that it would be more straightforward to port that build over, since it supports higher resolution assets and framerates than the old mobile version we’ve been running for many years. When all platforms are native, it can be nearly a button click in Xcode.

Yeah, I wish they told the new hire to fix the new results screen instead, because, you know, that diminishes my experience more than a moon I don’t even notice 90% of the time.

I’m sure a fix it in the pipeline.

The moon isn’t fixed for me!

I really don’t mind, just pointing it out!


With the improvement coming to iPads running M series will we get support for stage manager?

When I run Zwift on an external display (mouse) input won’t work (on th external display). So I have to start the game on my iPad display up until I start riding and to stop I need to set the window back to my iPad.

Also it would be great if window dimensions could be free-ish. So it could be used full screen when on a 16/9 monitor. This windowed 4/3 iPad ratio on the external 16/9 display is a real disappointment…

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I Hope that the tweek on the Climb Portals was more 500xp rather than feathers, Aero and the like. I don’t use those as I do the climbs to climb not speed down or float up.

Hi @Jeroen_van_Keulen
There’s nothing to announce either way at this point. but your request for support for Apple Stage Manager on iOS has been noted.


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I wish they fix the start pen positioning, some riders look like they get a little too fresh mounting me.

Huge, and what sounds like a year+ in the making. Thank you to the team for making this happen.


80 FPS over Makuri Neokyo is in fact impressive for an integrated SoC.


Found an issue that’s been happening for a while, I was wondering if something was wrong with my monitor. Bright colors from Tron bikes at the bottom of the screen somehow bleed through to the top. This is a minor example, it’s much worse sometimes. Note the little yellow blur at the top of the screen exactly above where the yellow Tron wheel is hitting the bottom of the screen.


Edit: it may have something to do with the heat waves edit: that contributes and bleeds through non Tron wheel stuff but is not necessary for the effect to occur. Seems to be any bright light source for the glow

I’m running macOS with a M1 Max and Zwift updated to 1.47, but didn’t install the ARM64 binaries. Is this normal?

Everyone please note:


Has the Apple Silicon or ARM64 been released to all users with Apple M1/M2 CPUs too? I’m running 1.47, but only Intel binary.

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Make Zwift Play available outside of the US, UK & EU. Give us game parity!


I have an M2 mini and am running the Ultra profile. (At least I set it to the ultra profile, and that was with 1.46. I get shadows, headlights, etc…

And the moon looks amazing at that setting, and the galaxy too. (Can we get comets and shooting stars too? Long shot: Have the ‘in game’ weather match, roughly, our local weather, or day/night timing? (One day it was raining in game, and pouring here too))

You can’t set the profile. You can only set the resolution. There is Ultra resolution (1440p), and there is Ultra profile, which is confusing. But you can tune some of the settings by editing the config file.

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Not yet for everyone, but plan to on September 12
When we do a staged rollout - we’re watching for telemetry for performance metrics. Before we turn on a change of this magnitude, we want to make sure it’ll be a great experience for you.


ZwiftAppSilcon is still not working with the Zwift Launcher. It will work after Set 12th.

You have to manually launch it going to :~/Library/Application Support/Zwift/ then select and execute ZwiftAppSilicon from there.

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