Game Update 1.29 [September 2022]

You can change the ATV remote sensitivity with the ATV Settings Remote

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Just curious. Some of the ATV issues are the controlling within the app. Has anyone tried any of the after-market options, like Apple’s own Siri remote or a Playstation controller?

Been a while since I’ve seen things like this

I want this as well, only 13 votes so far

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You should be able to use the anvil on other riders (on climbs)

The anvil power-up only affects the person using it (increases their weight); it has no effect on other riders nearby.

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I think that was a feature request to be able to slow down other rides on a hill.


Ah OK, sorry, the wording is a bit ambiguous.

Certainly would be a nice feature to have :+1:

It’s really just what the feather effectively does though isn’t it? =)

I’d like a power-up that would slow other riders on descents (black ice or a bag of tacks :joy:).

So ride on bombs in events is great but I see no reason why the circle wouldn’t be much better in Zwift orange rather than white.

Like this:


Hi Have any experienced that xp’ s are removed. I have been on level 50 for a year. I was looking forward to level51 and was almost there, When all xp’s in level 50 disapered and ridersscore dropped to 500000 again. Can calibration I did in Zwift and/or my etraining, or I deleted the picture from race have that effect? I would like to avoid to “delete” xp’s in the future😀

Like this?

Thanks Zwift weekend elf’s for fixing my rider score over night. So happy to see this resolved.

Do you know what you were at before it was reset again?

Hi James. Thanks for responding. I cant tell you the number, but the row in Companion has’nt moved since, so looks like its also a little past 2/3 as Chris.


So it’s got at least two users. Rest assured, James will get it corrected. His support is terrific

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Thanks Uffe.

I’ve given your XP a bit of a bump, it should have you back to where you were.

Okay, but !!. When do Zwift upgrade the upper right screen with the route profile.
ALL to small profile. Showing 10 KM, must be 2 KM in all.
And need a fine line in the top of profile in red i think.

AND STEERING must be enabled in all activities.
Why not ?.

The font didn’t need fixing!