Game Update 1.29 [September 2022]

Unintended consequences. =)

I doubt I’ll be able to hear them over the Iron Maiden though. \m/


Please, dear Zwift “programmers”, let us be able to disable the symptoms of this madness

or the smoke alarms :yum:


I was L50 and my rider score 1.2 million Like others, after the added L51 to L60, the excess, past needed to get fast track 2x CP’s to L60 seems to be gone. Will Zwift restore those earned XP’s or have us users with excess XP’s lost them for good?

James, I just finished a Meetup, as a rider, and no mass ride was available. When you say this is for “events”, is that all Group and Meetups?
I use an ATV appliance for the game and iPhone for Companion.
Wondering when this will work?

See: New levels 50-60 - September 2022

Will check on meetups guys

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Update: ATV now has the new GUI and what’s more, I can give ride-on bombs in group rides today!

Thank you Zwift.


In ATV the new GUI is available and ride-on bombs work in group events too!

At last :blush:

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We fixed this yesterday

@shooj @James_Zwift Hate to be a nag, but any chance we’re getting 1.29.1 today? It’s been a week and a half and we’re still missing most of the Zwift Academy workouts on iPad and ATV.

Will need to confirm.


Thank you, yes I saw the update to ATV today :slight_smile:

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Sorry to throw water on your new release, but the new UI SUCKS! I use Apple TV and the earlier versions were frustrating to navigate, and now this is even worse. I usually ride with a Pace Partner group, but the new UI does not work nearly as good as the last version. It worked great to simply fire up Zwift, get all the devices linked and then simply ride. Now I get this list of rides to choose from, where I was able to simply use my last ride and go. ‘If it is not broken, then don’t fix it!’

Really? The only thing I have used the new UI on AppleTV for is Pace Partner selection and it is way easier compared to what it was before. I am skeptical about the overall look. It seems whoever designed it was under the impression he was making a web page rather than a game, but so far so good.


I’m an ATV user and Pace Partner fan too and, initially, I thought exactly the same as Steve, until…I discovered the scroll bar and found all the PP tiles nicely laid out below the ride list. It’s so much easier now (wish I could say the same about choosing a workout using the old-style Siri remote).

My issue with the Apple TV is the goofy little touch controller that it uses. Zwift is over sensitive to it, and it is really a pain to use. Once rolling, I love my 48" screen and it works well. This new UI was a bit of a shock and I had to fiddle around trying to find a ride. Call me stupid, but I never did find the Pace Partner list. I knew they were out there since I saw a number of groups while I was riding. Will be spending some more time trying to figure this new UI out. Usually I have not issues with change, but this added some problems. Likely easier if I was not using the Apple TV controller.

Well, I simply did not see the Pace Partner group on the startup page. Stupid me.

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I thought the rollout of the new home screen was supposed to be complete for Windows users a couple of months ago. My laptop still is on the legacy home screen even after the 1.29 (September 2022) update. Frustrating since I’ve read on Zwift Insider and other places that Zwift has said it is complete.

I’m another ATV Zwift user and Pace Partner user. New menu it’s a simple slide down to pp row and select on the row. Amazing easy. The old interface was a total joke. Just picking the bot from the list using the ATV remote was like solving world hunger. So glad that horrible interface is gone