Game Update 1.29 [September 2022]

I believe that zwift was started as a small game on a not suitable engine with inexperienced programmers who produced a huge mess… Now they have to deal with this nightmare code and a massively growing game based on that.
Solution would be a complete rewrite. :rofl:

And the Workout Editor STILL crashes a lot.

Like sometimes I get a few changes in, and it crashes. It really happens when removing comments from copied rides from the main libraries. I’ve taken to now edit the files and manually removing the comments and also changing the title and name. It’s a workaround, and the ‘language’ is pretty interesting. I actually wrote a ride in my editor and ran it on Zwift.

Is there a language reference somewhere detailing the other syntax available?

I was a programmer on a huge project at a Big 11 university and would occasionally rewrite some of my programs as my experience changed, and the language I was using changed over time, but they were incredibly smaller than this monstrosity. It would likely take months to rewrite Zwift from ground up. I’m sure they will try to avoid that as long as they can. They would likely need to farm out the project, or stop all changes and updates on the main app except for needed updates. And if they farmed out, or are farming out their programming, the university I worked at had a whole department that took their subcontractors code and verified it, nearly line-by-line before it went into production. It was a huge time sink, but stopped a lot of errors and added to the project timeline.

I make and edit a lot of custom workouts and can’t say i’ve ever had it crash.

What platform do you run the game on?

I think this is still the best thing available: zwift-workout-file-reference/ at master · h4l/zwift-workout-file-reference · GitHub

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A Mac Mini. The editor has crashed this bad through out my career as a member. Copy a workout, like from ZAR2022 and pull up your copy in Custom Workouts, and start removing comments. Click the bubble and hit the delete key. I get as few as 5, or as many as 10 or so, and the whole app crashes. If I don’t save the workout, I have to start all over again. I save constantly. It’s crashed just changing the name at the top of the editor before too.

I’d be curious if it does this same thing on a Windows host. Not that I’d change, but it would be interesting to know.

Thanks for the comment. But try removing comments on a copy of a workout and see if it crashes.

Oh, BTW, what are you running on?

I use a PC but have also used android to amend workouts (i wouldn’t recommend it though if you can avoid it!)

I don’t really add or remove comments so maybe it’s a big with that. will try later and see if it also crashes for me.

It crashes for me as well. I made a copy of the long ZA workout #1, clicked on three comments (didn’t delete anything) and the Zwift app crashed. This is on an M1 Mac running Monterey 12.6 and Zwift 1.29.

It’s not just deleting comments, but that seems to tickle the beast and causes it to roll over and die quickly. I originally thought it was removing comments and came up with the way to remove them manually, but then if I edit a workout long enough it curls up and dies too. I was about to look to see if ‘official workouts’ are blessed somehow and the crashing is punishment for editing the copies but that doesn’t seem to be the case, I think. It just decides to blowup.

But, try deleting comments and see if it crashes on you. I would only be able to run Windows in a virtual window and am not sure that itself won’t contribute to a crash.


That’s pretty interesting. Some of the syntax seems to have no effect in game, which I suppose isn’t unheard of. Apparently they have deprecated some of the syntax over time. Like ‘quantize’. Hmm…

will do, i have never had it crash once though and i do a lot of editing of workouts

I have not tried them for years now, but maybe these editors can help.

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:scream: this would be a horrible experience

It actually can be, depending on the host software. Not sure if you are trying to be funny, but due to changes from both Apple and Microsoft, virtualizing Windows has gotten more complicated and especially on their own silicon based systems. Microsoft ‘could’ release Windows to run on those machines, but so far has not.

I used to be able to run a whole Windows based network on a Mac Book Pro. Literally a server, and at least one client. It was pretty amazing to pull it all off.

Don’t let me talk you out of it. Please run Zwift in a VM and share your log analysis from zwiftalizer. I’m prepared to be impressed.


Ride on bombs should be fixed.


Confirmed working now, thanks. :+1:

So convenient. :hugs:

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Dished out 132 to riders in my event just now. \o/


A typical group ride now …


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