Game Update 1.23 - March 9th, 2022

For this to be the case, both your PC and laptop would have to be over ten years old. Upgrading the PC is almost certainly possible. If not, £60 is enough to buy a new one.

Well neither one is that old. I purchased my computer based on Zwift specs from two years ago. I just don’t see the purpose of a graphics card lock out when this program does not seem to need crazy high end graphics.

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The specs page hasn’t fundamentally changed in years (and is rubbish btw). If your computer isn’t that old, it should still work. Even integrated graphics from 2013 is good enough.

Post your specs and it’ll be easier to see if you’re having a separate issue.

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Hi @Andrew_Kortfelt

What are the pc specifications, PC’s in the last two years should have processors with capable onboard graphics.

Easy way to see the specs is drop your log file in

EDIT: Dave beat me to it.

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So I am not home at this time but I have the basic specs here.
|Computer Memory Size |8 GB|
|CPU Model |Core i3|
|CPU Model Manufacturer |Intel|
|CPU Speed |3.10 GHz|
|Hard Disk Size |1 TB|
|Operating System|Windows 10 Pro|
|Processor Count|2|

I know I have Intel graphics.

Once you get home you can get the full specs.

Not all Intel graphics has been disabled.

For less than $50 you should be able to add a GPU depending on the Motherboard and PC case.

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this is the message I got before the update

does that help.

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It’s probably an i3-2100. In which case yes I’m afraid it’s not supported any more. It was released in February 2011. You will need to upgrade the PC or buy something more modern. Not expensive either way.

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So there is no way to run and older version? I am not sure I really feel like upgrading my computer.

Afraid not. Zwift is a 3D game, expecting it to continue to run on integrated graphics from over a decade ago is a bit of a stretch.

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Has anyone from Zwift acknowledged this issue on either thread? Haven’t seen a response on it from Zwift. Sounds like a bunch of people currently on a workout program were impacted, and can’t properly finish their programs which would be frustrating.

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All sorted now thank you

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This is indeed very frustrating. What is really strange for me is that the workout I know I had remaining doesn’t even show up in the plan anymore. I was on week 11, with 3 workouts to do, and when I log into Zwift, it shows me on week 10 and said it added more time to do the missing workouts, and none of the workouts are the ones missing from week 11.

I sympathize with all the Zwifters that are impacted.

Seen a log file from a system/account that gets the new UI. Seems to confirm that:

  1. It’s a completely separate sub-system of Zwift. Like a plug-in.
  2. It loads a ton of its own shaders at the start.
  3. There are loads of warnings and error messages all the time.

So never mind ‘is performance crap because we’re running two UIs at once?’, it might just be this bad/inefficient full stop.

Dunno about anyone else but I’d rather be stuck with the old UI and not have performance absolutely nerfed. Might be barking up the wrong tree with this but it’d be nice to know what’s going on, because it’s definitely not right at present.


I opened a support ticket with Zwift. The person I chatted with said this “I can assure you that this is not wide spread issue and is very specific to your case.” I linked to this thread, and another where someone was also reporting this issue and their answer was for me to send them all my zwift logs. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If I get any news I’ll share here, but I really think that Zwift should acknowledge this issue and add it to the known issues post update page.

Ride on everyone experiencing this issue. I know it’s frustrating but hopefully we can get it sorted out in short order

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Mine was also scrambled and, same as you, I was 3 workouts away from the end but at least I can browse to access the ones I have to do to end the plan.

Oh sharp thinking Juan! I’ll do that in the interim, thanks for the tip.

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Yesterday, March 10th, I started the workout and the game was not running smooth, it was stuttering. I continued my workout, and in the first ten minutes, the game freezed. When I opened the windows task manager, the game was using 31 GB of RAM. Closed the process, restarted the computer and opened the Zwift app again, starting my workout from the beginning. This time I successfully completed the workout without the game freezing/crashing, but when I opened the windows task manager again, the game was using 27,5 GB of RAM. It is normal? I think it is overconsumption of RAM, since the optimal computer requirements is 8 GB of RAM. Here is my specs:
System: Windows 10
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
Ram: 32GB
GPU: Nvdia GTX 970

Have you tried it again today? They’ve apparently fixed that problem. See here: Super low frame rates and new Home Screen? [March 2022] [v1.23.0] - #13

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