Super low frame rates and new Home Screen? [March 2022] [v1.23.0]

Memory leak. 16 gb ram 96 percent full. Zwift ate 12.5 gb of it. Menu prior to getting in game was 0.4 fps before I finally got it to star loading map. Been riding everyday for a few weeks. New issue today


This is happening to a friend of mine as well.

Intel CPU, 16gb ram, GTX 970 GPU.

She’s reinstalling the launcher and game to see if it helps.

What exact CPU is she using? Also, does she have the new home page? Same questions to @Nick_Barth, cheers.

Intel i5 6600k.

Have to run to ultimate practice, will link her the thread to followup.

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Thanks. Yeah absolutely no reason why that setup should be struggling.

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Just got home, but she and her husband still haven’t fixed it. Updated gpu drivers, re-installed etc… She’s only been a member to zwift for just over a month… but has been riding basically everyday based on strava. But right now the game crashes like 5 minutes into a ride and has terrible fps. Other games on the machine run fine… doesn’t seem to be gpu/power or performance related.

Also she does have the new UI, I do not… wonder if that’s related. She says the twitchy / slowness / lag can be seen in the UI menu’s as well… I can’t confirm as I don’t have it myself… interesting.

Hey @Nick_Barth and @Ryan_Gaudon welcome to Zwift forums

Thanks for flagging this up. We’re investigating this as we speak, and some of us are seeing this too.

For anyone else reporting this:

  1. Are you on Windows 10, or a different OS?
  2. Are you using the new Home Screen, and if so - are you seeing blanked out images in your Events tiles like this:

She is on windows 10 and yes on the new Home screen. As for your last comment… it may have to wait… it’s 12:21am here and her and her husband might both be asleep… but I’ll post an update if he gets back to me about the events tiles.


I don’t care about additional features. How do I downgrade to an old version. The newest “upgrade” crashed twice in 6 miles.

I’m trying to get a workout, not troubleshoot software constantly. Please make the software robust and fully test it before pushing it out to all users. I don’t want to be a beta tester, I want to be a user.

I’m running Windows 10 with 8GB of RAM.



assuming she is missing the tiles, which is clearly a bug… and you’re trying to see if the 2 are related, are there any existing steps to correct it or does it require a new build?

Are there local system files / config / cache files that can be removed to correct it?

UPDATE: We identified the gremlin gumming up the works and cleared it on our (meaning the server) end. Please exit Zwift and log in again. Those on Windows and using the new Home Screen should be back in business. Please confirm if you would? Thanks.

Still some work to do to see how the gremlin got in there, but this halting low frame rate should be cleared for now.


Thanks for confirming it Shooj.

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Can confirm, my friend was able to do a stage of ToW this morning without any issues.

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Stop feeding the developers after midnight :laughing: