Pixelated text issues?

Blocky text on Zwifters near by, Workout and on screen instructions.
Has anyone seen this or any ideas what might be the cause? Seems to occur only in group rides with lots of Zwifters (150+).

My internet connection is good, so maybe laptop processor?
Unfortunately I can’t seem to upload a screenshot here.


How much system RAM does your laptop have?

ah! 4GB just seen 8GB min recommended. Could be it then.

That’s definitely it. With 4GB or less, Zwift offers up low quality textures. The good news is that if you can add another stick, the whole game gets a lot sharper. Not just the text, but also jerseys, road surfaces and lots of other bits. It doesn’t improve performance or the actual stuff you’ll see, but it’ll just be much clearer.

Great, many thanks for the advice Dave.

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