"Free ride" sections of workouts don't disengage ERG mode on Wattbike Atom

Good Kevin…when i had the atom it was totally impossible to ride any zwift workout,because already in the warmup phase u needed an elephant to move the atom,fortunately was on rent and it was easy to get rid of it…the only positive thing with the atom was that u dont need to set your bike back and forth,this of course if u have only one roadie…like i do…be well&healthy and safe from all viruses.

You must have turned your atom upside down and backward at the same time. Mine is absolutely amazing except for ERG with ATV.

Now I do all my workouts changing gears manually instead and it works ok. It’s quite obvious that zwift don’t give a ■■■■ about this defect since they not fixing it nor replying to this thread anymore.

Good Björn,

no i did not turn it upside-down
the atom erg issue on zwift workouts
has been reported by 90% of users

i have elite direto xr and it’s 99% like
outdoors,the road feel is the best in my opinion

riding trainers since 1996
almost 16.000 km on zwift in less
than 2 years,level 40 on zwift

so i don’t speak bullshit

be well.

Neves Rui
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Hey everyone, let’s keep this thread on track and focused on solving this bug for all the Atom lovers out there. If you like another trainer, that’s awesome, but there’s no need to get into a fight over favorites. I do think Zwift cares about fixing bugs, it’s just clear their developer bug fix queue is pretty slammed, and I’m not sure they have both a Wattbike Atom and an Apple TV to test with. I’ve done debugs and traces before in iOS at least, not sure if it’s similar in TVOS but I’m glad to help solve this one. Just need an idea of where this is at in the queue @Shuji_Sakai.



only 2let u know when i had the atom on rental did try to ride it on windows 10 tablet pc…HP Elite state of art

it worked like the Orient Express toilet…perfect

only via Bluetooth the atom did not
react to Zwift Sim mode because Atom is build mainly for IOS

asked from wattbike and zwift why the reason and from both parties service was excellent.

that’s how it went NightYear.

Edit: removed personal information

I have the same issue with iOS / iPad and Wahoo Kickr 2017. Could not pedal through those free ride sections as it set the power to 200-250+

Is there a fix for this? Still happening to me on apps tv with the wattbike atom, very annoying!

I opened a ticket with Zwift support on 12/10/2020 and got a reply back on 12/15 from Terry G. No news so far, but if you’d like to also open up a ticket, you can mail support@zwift.com and mention this thread too.

Hi ,Thanks for reaching out to us!

I will be sending this up to our tier 2 tech team.
They will be able to take a better look into what’s going on and help resolve this.
They are a smaller team, with a heavy workload so this can take some time.
Thank you in advance for your patience!

Terry G.
Member Experience Agent

I’ve just done a workout with the exact same issues! Free ride doesn’t allow me to toggle my erg mode or shift gears.

Using the atom v1 on a Samsung tablet

Sorry for not posting this earlier. Got a response from Zwift support on 1/16/2021:


Hi Jason,

Sorry it’s taken us so long to get back to you about this, we have been unbelievably busy recently.

We have this issue notated with our QA and Dev teams, thanks to reports by users like you and those on the forum thread you linked. I wanted to make sure we extended our thanks to you about this!

I can’t provide a timeline for a fix, but we will be working on a fix as quickly as we can. All you will need to do is keep the game updates for when we do release the fix. At this time there is no further need for external testing or logs, as our QA team can do any testing we need at this time.

Once again, thank you for working with us on this issue!

Ride On!
Seth S.
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Hi Kev
I have the same setup and experience the same problem

On ATV with Atom V1 and I’ve just returned to Zwift workout plans after a year using Training Peaks plans and guess what. My first session “Zone Benchmarking” was a waste of time because the Free Ride section would not release erg mode.

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I have a Taurus Z90 Pro and the same problem with the Zwift App on my iPhone.
It could not be that this issue could not get solved over such a long time. If there is no solution, I will have to cancel using Zwift.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for reaching out and reporting this issue!

There is currently a known issue that can cause the Wattbike Atom to loose shifting functionality after a workout in Zwift. I’ve checked with our team and they’re working on a fix.

As of right now, the best workaround for this issue is to simply end your ride and start a new activity. This should return the shifting function back to your bike.

A more definitive fix will come from our end and all you should have to do is keep your Zwift app up to date.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue improving Zwift. Please let us know if there’s anything else that you need assistance with; we’d all be more than happy to help!
Forrest B.
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This issue goes back to 2018 and still isn’t fixed. For me, Zwift can be stuck in my last ERG mode power block several days later. Very frustrating.


I rode the RCC Global Ride last night & still experienced this exact issue when the workout switched to a 60 second free ride.
Still using Wattbike Atom & Apple TV - all hardware & software update to latest releases.
Absolutely ridiculous this is still an issue in 2022 when it was first reported in 2018.

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When is this issue ever being resolved? Free ride workouts are impossible on the Wattbike. Any segment less than 20 seconds needs to be free ride for the Wattbike as ERG is to ‘laggy’…therefore just cannot do those type of workouts because of this issue.


I did the Zwift Academy Tri finish line ride today, and couldn’t do the power test- the whole point of the ride- because of this stupid bug. Why is it not being resolved, after 4 flippin years??!

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Irritating isn’t it. Only thing we can do is keep raising it with the Support team. Try to get it bumped up their priority list.

There’s an overarching issue with the way Wattbike have implemented Resistance Mode, I believe, as you can’t use Resistance Mode on TrainerRoad at all on the Atom.