"Free ride" sections of workouts don't disengage ERG mode on Wattbike Atom

Good Kevin…when i had the atom it was totally impossible to ride any zwift workout,because already in the warmup phase u needed an elephant to move the atom,fortunately was on rent and it was easy to get rid of it…the only positive thing with the atom was that u dont need to set your bike back and forth,this of course if u have only one roadie…like i do…be well&healthy and safe from all viruses.

You must have turned your atom upside down and backward at the same time. Mine is absolutely amazing except for ERG with ATV.

Now I do all my workouts changing gears manually instead and it works ok. It’s quite obvious that zwift don’t give a ■■■■ about this defect since they not fixing it nor replying to this thread anymore.

Good Björn,

no i did not turn it upside-down
the atom erg issue on zwift workouts
has been reported by 90% of users

i have elite direto xr and it’s 99% like
outdoors,the road feel is the best in my opinion

riding trainers since 1996
almost 16.000 km on zwift in less
than 2 years,level 40 on zwift

so i don’t speak bullshit

be well.

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Hey everyone, let’s keep this thread on track and focused on solving this bug for all the Atom lovers out there. If you like another trainer, that’s awesome, but there’s no need to get into a fight over favorites. I do think Zwift cares about fixing bugs, it’s just clear their developer bug fix queue is pretty slammed, and I’m not sure they have both a Wattbike Atom and an Apple TV to test with. I’ve done debugs and traces before in iOS at least, not sure if it’s similar in TVOS but I’m glad to help solve this one. Just need an idea of where this is at in the queue @Shuji_Sakai.


only 2let u know when i had the atom on rental did try to ride it on windows 10 tablet pc…HP Elite state of art

it worked like the Orient Express toilet…perfect

only via Bluetooth the atom did not
react to Zwift Sim mode because Atom is build mainly for IOS

asked from wattbike and zwift why the reason and from both parties service was excellent.

that’s how it went NightYear.

Edit: removed personal information

I have the same issue with iOS / iPad and Wahoo Kickr 2017. Could not pedal through those free ride sections as it set the power to 200-250+