Four Horseman route completed but not badge not earned?

As an aside, I recommend folks check out the Zwift segments website.

It keeps track of which Zwift Insider Confirmed segments you’ve completed, whether or not you were “officially” navigating the route on Zwift, or whether a Zwift bug had you stuck at the Radio Tower.

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We don’t have a concrete update in the way that I would like to, which would be to say “hey we fixed it and here are the badges.” I wish we did, and I’m sorry.

The real update is much less awesome and potentially not confidence inspiring, depending on your point of view: right now we are looking at ways to tackle those legacy issues I mentioned and be able to avoid things like this in the future. I don’t have a definite timeline, and I’m not sure what the finished product will look like or mean for those of you that put in a good 4-7 hours effort with no reward, but I can assure you that we are in fact working on something.

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Zwift has conditioned us for less awesome and uninspiring

I’m getting the picture Zwift code is an epic tangle of spaghetti that started with a simple cruise of Jarvis Island and which has had one expansion after another kludged onto it until the whole thing is running with hundreds of thousands of users and if you even breath on it it’s all going to collapse.

Refactorization, perhaps?

Anyway, thanks for all the reports. You saved me from attempting one of these routes until I see that it works.


That’s exactly what it seems like, I agree. It’s the only way to explain the huge list of seemingly simple improvements and feature requests that are ignored for years, the number of unkept promises and the regularity with which random things break with every update. Some of which were never a problem before or were even dealt with and fixed before.

In my doubtless ill-informed and certainly unsolicited opinion they should consider setting on a team of devs to work on their own recreating the game from scratch. Using a modern, off the shelf engine that scales and works cross-platform by design, and provides scope to grow and evolve without so much pain. The general look and basic mechanics of the platform don’t need to change, but it seems to me that a Zwift 2.0 would solve a lot of apparent problems now the company knows what they would need it to do.

But what we have works well enough for enough people right now, so there’s probably very little incentive to do anything about it.


i understand that the issue of retroactively awarding badges to people who’ve completed the route might be an issue (legacy code and all that), but surely it can’t be complicated to award badges for completed routes going forward. isn’t that the basis of zwift’s reward system in the first place???

Well, Rustem claimed he solved the problem by replacing the files in this directory:
~/Library/Application\ Support/Zwift/assets/Worlds/world1/
(Mac path) with those from a previous release (which basically reverts Watopia to its former form, for example with the semi-hidden Repack Ridge), but I personally wouldn’t bet a 4-hour ride on that.

They tweaked something on the checkpoints proximate to the radio tower and didn’t update the files for Uber Pretzel and 4 Horsemen, is my amateur guess. That should be trivial for them to fix.

right this is my point. it’s been 2 weeks i’ve been reading about this crap and i still haven’t seen a report of anyone awarded the badge as i type this

hi @Skyewalkr
Based on the postings from @Flint_McInnis a fix to so people can get the badge for the 4 Horsemen and the Uber Pretzel is still “in progress” - as for receiving the badge “after the fact”, based on the updates, I fear that is quite some time away :roll_eyes: :exploding_head: :scream: :cold_sweat: :persevere:

After all explanation,
What we want are simple:

Fix this and give me badge!


Got the money, spend it.


Sure wish I’d checked the forums before “completing” Four Horsemen today. No badge.(initially I thought it was because I took a long work break in the middle, but seeing this thread suggests not). Will report, but at least I got a workout, L27, and the Tron out of the ride!


$450M should certainly be plenty to refactor the engine, and then some… Of course, the trouble with refactoring is that it will take a looong time (and always longer than planned) with either few improvements visible to end users in the interim or a substandard (and even more time-consuming) approach to maintain compatibility with piecemeal upgrades, or not even aiming for that but rather creating new problems along the way (as demonstrated by this thread, for instance).

I guess an optimist would hope that a major refactoring is exactly what has been in progress at ZHQ for quite a while, with random marketing-driven urgencies pushing the release timeline further and further back. Either that or Messrs. Moneybags didn’t bother with tech due diligence and just wanted a share in a Peloton of their own.


one would think it should be easy to retro add, should be just a tick box of some sort in the backend, for proof we send in logs and route file. depends if zwift want to do it is another matter.

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So, I would never in a million years have ridden the Uber Pretzel if Zwift hadn’t incentivised me through the badges. It was my last one to do, and it hurt. Why should I do it again to get the badge due to a Zwift glitch. You have $450 million more dosh now, sort it out, for goodness sake. It isn’t like 1000s will have done the 4 horsemen and the Uber Pretzel in the last few weeks. Give us our badges!


Zwift - how about putting out a warning not to do Four Horsemen or Uber Pretzel while this is a known issue? Right now there will be hopefuls on the courses trying to complete these routes for a badge they will not get. There’s already enough disappointed posts here, and I’d imagine the people in this thread are a tiny fraction of the affected users.


Just did the Four Horsemen route this morning, standard procedure:

  1. Open Zwift
  2. Wake up power meter & HR strap
  3. Choose a world (Watopia)
  4. Choose a route (Four Horsemen)
  5. Press “Ride”

I was placed in the right place, I rode the lead-in, went under the downtown start/finish banner, got a powerup (draft boost IIRC) for going under the start banner, and off I went.following the route (I didn’t have the companion app running so no possibility to change the route as keyboard is too far away to touch when on the bike). Did the route, went under the finish banner and nothing! Continued on for a bit, rode the fuego flats to take the ride up to 100km and ended the ride:

  1. Stop pedalling, wait for avatar to stop
  2. Click “menu”
  3. Click “End Ride”
  4. Click “Save Ride”
  5. Zwift saves ride, uploads to Strava & Garmin then quits

No route badge, but you can clearly see I rode the lead in before the start of the route and went under the finish banner (strava/activities/4072982647).


Right. Badges for the Über Pretzel and the Four Horsemen are currently broken.

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Zwift should send out an email to all users or something, I would hate to put in all that effort and not get the reward that is expected, and then be told “too bad, you will have to ride it again… sometime… whenever we fix it…maybe…”


@Flint_McInnis, what is the plan to communicate to the millions of Zwift users who might attempt either of these routes expecting to get a badge at the end that they are currently “broken”? Every day more and more Zwifters are posting about not getting the badge and a very small percentage of users are active on these forums. You should not expect users to have knowledge of this issue prior to setting out on these long routes.

“If it is predictable, it is preventable.” You need to be proactive, not reactive for your customer’s sake.