Fix the Apple TV App PLEASE

Question: Why would you want to use the Vectors for power over the Tacx Neo 2T? The Neo is far more accurate than the Vectors, so why not just use it for power AND controllable? Perhaps that would solve the issue.

While the Garmin branding is generally speaking a good enough warning for a terrible product (if only for after sales), I find that a funny assumption. I have Vector 3 dual and a 1st gen NEO, and did a bunch of concurrent recordings when I bought the Vectors, with post ride overlay graphs generated, and call shenanigans (Zwift distorting elapsed activity time on iOS is the only thing I learned from that; have fun racing).

The Vectors obviously give you power balance, and cycling dynamics on a supporting head unit.

Well cycling dynamics for one but also consistency due to the discrepancy between different power meters. In a few months I’ll be back on real roads and then the Neo will be kind of an inconvenience to use on asphalt. :wink:

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Well, riding with Zwift would also be a bit inconvenient on the road, too, right? :slight_smile:

No reason I know of that you couldn’t use the Neo as your power source for Zwift and your Vectors while on the road (since they would be connected to a Garmin head unit most likely, which you might not even be using during your Zwift sessions). You could actually still use your Garmin head unit for the cycling dynamics stuff while Zwifting, since that can’t be interfaced to Zwift, anyway. Having each power source running during a Zwift session (with the Tacx connected to Zwift and the Vectors connected to your Garmin) would actually give you a point of reference for your road riding to understand how far off the Vectors are from your ‘actual’ power, since the Neo is (at least reputedly) more accurate.

On the cycling dynamics front: I do hope that at some point Zwift will find a way to work this is so that my avatar will stand or sit in unison with what I’m doing on the bike, as opposed to some algorithm.

The issue is broader than just using Neo’s power output. I am not lucky enough to have an accurate smart trainer and it is essential to get the power accurately measured. Nonaccurate power readings are pretty much useless when doing power based training. Therefore I don’t have an alternative except to use a separate power meter.

This bug is a new one and has been introduced during the past year. The infinite endless unescapable power meter loop wasn’t there a year ago. Please fix this urgently as it is affecting Zwift usage badly every single time it is started.

There is no reason why Zwift should combine controllable trainer/power meter/cadence meter together. They are separate sensors.

I don’t know if this helps to debug the issue, but when I have the smart trainer selected as controllable trainer, power meter and cadence meter, unpairing the power meter always results in the endless loop bug throwing boxes around the screen.

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I’m relatively new to Zwift on AppleTV (been using it on a Mac for a couple years), and I found this thread after experiencing an issue today where despite my Neo 2 not being paired as controllable (only paired as power meter), it was still controlling the trainer. I paired and unpaired the controllable part several times, no help. Then I unpaired the power meter part and it automatically re-pairs both power AND control… grrrrr.

Finally, after quitting that Zwift ride, closing the app and restarting, did it actually leave trainer control alone.

As background, I like to run TrainerRoad (via Ant+ on another device) and Zwift (via BLE on the AppleTV) simultaneously, with TrainerRoad in Erg mode and Zwift just running off of power.

This. This has been going on far too long. It’s bad enough when it happens before a ride, but I was just in stage 2 of TdZ, and my KICKR dropped out. Went to reconnect, and sure enough here comes the Stryd Pod. Every time I try and disconnect, it auto-connects to the Stryd. After 10 minutes of trying everything (even wrapping the Stryd in foil so it can’t be seen) I finally had to drop out of the TdZ. Since my ATV is in the basement, I don’t recall ever even pairing it with the Stryd, I don’t own a treadmill.

Why is this not fixed. Just turn off auto connect!

While on the subject of BT connection issues, also fix the BT through companion app connections. I run out of connections, it asks to use the companion app. I say “YES”. It looks like it is connected, but there is no data. Because it never really connected through the companion app. I have to “disconnect” and then connect to the device again. Then there is data. Polar HR10 if that makes a difference.

I am seeing the same issue when trying to pair Elite Nero rollers and a Powertap hub (through CABLE) to ATV. Hoping to see a bug fix soon.

Glad I found this thread. I was so excited to hook-up a new Apple TV 4K today and install Zwift. I’ve been frustrated ever since. The Stryd footpod is persistent in grabbing the power source slot and Zwift won’t let go. Stryd was downstairs and out in my garage too with my kickr being right next to the Apple TV. Zwift/Apple still grab Stryd and won’t let go.