AppleTV Bluetooth control

We really need some way to control Bluetooth connections to AppleTV. It only allows 2, which is fine. However, Zwift in AppleTV will connect to things that are irrelevant to the session and not let go.

For instance, I can be ready to go on my treadmill and my kickr — 2 flights up in my house — is connected to Zwift and I can not remove it without going to the kickr and powering it down.

And just today, while trying to bike, my Stryd pod, downstairs on the opposite end of the house is holding a Bluetooth connection.

We need more control over this in the app.

Fortunately for me (it sounds like) I only have a bike set up for Zwift, so I never have to change. But I do find it odd that you can’t just go to the pairing screen and select what you want to connect to. I mean, isn’t that the whole point of the pairing screen? It really doesn’t make sense to me that Zwift wouldn’t change the connection if you select something different.

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I agree. Yes. That is the point of the pairing screen. The problem is that if the 2 AppleTV connections are taken, other devices (like the kickr) won’t even be presented as options. Zwift needs to allow users to turn off connections. Stryd doesn’t even have a battery I can pull. I have to hide it behind concrete in my basement.

And Bluetooth via the mobile app is a workaround, but not a permanently acceptable one. I don’t want to rely on that for racing and workouts over an hour where something losing connection will cause aggravation.