Apple TV Bluetooth device issue

Is there a way to make Apple TV stick with the Bluetooth choices and not randomly add new devices? My wife and I have Apple TV setups right next to each other and even though she’s only ever used her Tacx trainer her Apple TV app often it tries to use my Wahoo Trainer. Tonight, my Apple TV tried to use my Bose headphones as a controllable device. Very annoying since I’ve never connected my headphones to Zwift (and why would I?). There really should be some sort of option to set Bluetooth device and then lock it in as a default. Unplugging the Apple TV all the time and resetting everything is such a bummer when you just want to ride.

Thanks for the time.

You shouldn’t need to unplug it each time. After you start Zwift, double check that what you want paired is paired on the pairing screen. Once you exit that screen and begin your session, it should not change.

I have Apple TV, Neo, multiple HR sensors, and multiple bikes w/powermeters. I also use wireless earbuds to my phone for music. Once I set what I want, it never changes mid session.

So I completely realize I shouldn’t have to unplug, but unfortunately we often both have to. It also never changes midsession once we get connected. Not entirely sure what you were meaning there.

Again, the issue is when starting a new session, the Apple TV application randomly tries to connect to devices that have never been paired. My wife has never paired my Kickr to her Apple TV, but often it shows up on her screen instead of her Tacx. Then when she tries to change the power icons start flipping back and forth on the screens, and force closing the app helps most of the time. But having an option to favorite a bluetooth device would very helpful for people who not only have multiple devices, but also have multiple Apple TVs running Zwift.

This is a new “feature”. It started w/the last update. I’m hoping the next update will fix it. It is totally annoying.

Aside from this annoying bug, my Apple TV pairs with whatever it was paired w/during the last session. This assumes that those devices are powered up and available. Otherwise, it grabs something else or nothing. Typically this is not a problem since I only have one trainer and only move the crank on one bike. But I still end up double checking and making changes to the paired devices screen at least 50% of the time.