Failed to Login. Check internet connection

Hi, the test is ok in all server.
El test es exitoso en todos los servidores.

What does it show for US-West-2 region (Oregon)?

@Gerrie_Delport.The test is ok in all server.

@JOHN_ANDREY_RADA you aren’t checking the correct area.

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El test es inmediato para todos los servidores. Ok
Para us west2 oregon es lento.
Se demora en realizar el test.
Yo me conecto desde Colombia.

It should look like this:

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@Mike_Rowe_PBR @Paul_Allen

Can you log into Zwift now?

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Desde el movil No permite ingresar, se queda allí

Desde el pc No permite tampoco, error

From the PC do you get ALL Green check marks?

Yes, all passed Ok.

@Paul_Allen Please check, No logro ingresar.

@Paul_Allen @Mike_Rowe_PBR

Sigo intentando y No logro conectarme.

Estoy desde Colombia.
Como puedo cambiar el servidor al cual se conecta la app???

Same to me two days with terrible problems.
From Spain
All connectivity tests OK

all green marks

Tomorrow morning I have enrolled in a local race (paid), so I would appreciate if it could be fixed ASAP.

De casualidad tienes de operador a movistar?
3 amigos en el area de Barranquilla con movistar estan teniendo exactamente el mismo problema.

@Albert_Olmedo_CCC Si tengo Movistar, lo raro es que el test a los servidores que ellos envian todos estan Ok.

Me too, Australia. Using Apple TV and when I try and ride I see “There was an error logging in with that account. Did you change your password?” I don’t even know where you login now. Never seen this before, it’s worked since day 1 for me.

Did the check and see all green ticks.

Landline (connects fine through my phone, but fails through my laptop). Same every time i’ve tried in last few weeks.

Your help would be appreciated. Thanks

  1. Spain
  2. O2 (Movistar)
  3. Fiber