ERG mode wattage target can get stuck during session

I have an angle that people might want to consider. I’ve been plagued for this for years now. It’s always at the start of a workout and if you can somehow get past it you’re fine. So my theory is this - the cause of some of these issues (probably not all but some) is the issue raised here:

(Can’t post a link in this reply but google “Zwift Stuck in workout mode” and it’s post 82102)

Because I noticed I was in this state on a workout and trying all the usual maneuvers and then at about the same time - the problem went away at the exact same time that my HR monitor re-paired. Which is to say that very often I pair up my HR monitor but then because I’m not warmed up yet (I can warm up inside the workout) the HR monitor drops out - this happens quite often. So I thought OK what if the HR monitor dropping out can lead to this problem.

And in the above linked report that’s exactly what happened. And the last two attempts I made sure that the HR monitor didn’t unpair (just by pressing the monitor against my chest the whole time) and the problem didn’t occur.

It would be good if people could check and see if this is at all a plausible cause. And if Zwift could try to reproduce in their test setups.

Trainer Wahoo Kickr Core
Companion app device Galaxy S10
Zwift running on a PC

I too am having the issues of power being stuck after the first interval. Started last week. I notice it’s OK if there a few power changes in a workout. The problem for me is if there are lots of power charging.

Not sure if my scenario is the same as the rest of this thread or not, there are a few “ERG stuck” threads, so also not sure this is the right one to respond to. Here is my situation…

Twice in the last week I got stuck in ERG mode AFTER the workout completed. Not during. These were both on longer workouts (90 mins or so). So, after the cooldown phase of the workout, when I want to keep riding, the workout completes, and then my trainer is stuck in that super low wattage at the end of a cooldown ramp. In today’s case I had another 5km to go to complete the route I was on, so I basically had to complete a good portion of the last 5km at 85W which is frustratingly slow for my weight.

In both cases after about 8-10 mins the trainer does come back from this problem, but that’s a super slow 8-10 mins on the bike, and at this point there is no way to fiddle with the +/- buttons on the workout because the workout has already completed.

Trainer: Wahoo Kickr Core
Companion App: iPhone
Zwift: iPad
Connection: Bluetooth

Elite Direto ( win 10 ) : direct BLE or ANT+ or BLE companion

No ERG since the last update !!!

Tacx Neo 2
stuck in erg mode after leaving it inadvertently on for two days ( in SIM mode). Erg mode was not set before. unplugging for 5 minutes reset it.

Trainer: Kickr Core
Device with Zwift App: Windows 10 Laptop
ERG mode or SIM: ERG

I did encounter this during a workout today. Upon one of the steps, Kickr didn’t adjust to new workout target power and remained in the current step. I also got the ERG Mode disabled temporarily as i stopped pedaling, but it didn’t disable ist. Only a new Pairing of Zwift and Kickr via Sensor Screen could solve the issue.

Trainer: Wahoo Kickr18
Device with Zwift App: Windows10 Laptop
ANT + or BLE: ANT+
ERG mode or SIM: ERG mode

PS: I’m experiencing a lot more disconnects during the last weeks. Didn’t change anything on my side.

Happened to me today. Was on a 100km group ride. 5 km to the end I lost connection to Zwift. My music continued to play so not WiFi. Screen came back after about 20 secs but RPM would not go past 65. Tried to unpair and pair cadence again with no luck. Trainer was Wahoo Kicker - Companion App and Apple TV