Elite Suito & TUO Spindown Speed Issue [BLE]

System: Windows 10. BLE. Zwift build 1.0.56270.

Trainer(s): Elite Suito and Elite TUO. (possibly other Elite models)

Issue: Spindown process (wrench icon) registers I’ve reached 37kph but never tells me to cost for the spindown process to complete. It tells me to keep spinning… A few searches indicate this is a common occurrence. Out of frustration I went well above the recommended 37kph to 55kph at which time Zwift asked me to coast and the spindown completed successfully.

Other information: While spinning indefinitely at 37kph the TUO (and Suito) report a wheel speed of 23-24kph over ANT+ (Garmin Edge). When I accelerate to the ‘Zwift’ 55km/h the trainer flywheel speed reached 34-36kph… the required speed for the calibration process to start.

My guess at the problem: Elite trainers require non standard wheel sizes for accurate speed measurements. The SUITO requires a wheel-size of 84mm, the TUO is 47mm. (the ZUMO is 167, the Diretos are 173) The full list is published here: Elite Trainer Wheel Size Info. I suspect the wheel-size information within Zwift is incorrect meaning Zwift will never receive an ‘ok to coast’ message from the trainer until the trainer itself has reached the required wheel speed.

Digging into the BLE FTMS documentation I think my guess is solid. Given the amount of people users reporting issues this it’d be great to see this addressed.

Happy to provide further information if required.

Thanks @Shane_Miller_GPLama

That is a well written analysis. I hope Zwift find this useful. :sunglasses:

I have been telling people to use the elite app for calibration.

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Great detail @Shane_Miller_GPLama :+1:

I have an Elite Tuo and I’m having problem with the cadence, I think it must be related to your problem.
Do you have a abnormally low cadence displaying on Zwift (between 60rpm and 70rpm) ?

Cadence on the TUO is calculated from the very small oscillations in flywheel speed. You have to be really smooth on the pedals for it to report ‘accurate’ cadence. No issues here with the TUO cadence over BLE to Windows 10 when compared to Power2Max and Assioma power meter cadence values.

This spindown issue is a different issue (which i had hoped would at least be acknowledged by now!)

Thanks for your reply, I was hoping my message would bump your subject up a bit :wink:

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