Spin down calibration doesn't work with elite Suito

Hi all,

i have not managed yet to make a spin down calibration in Zwift with my elite Suito (newest firmware 1.91). I can start the calibration and then it counts down. But then always an error appears.
Do anyone managed it already with the Suito?

Otherwise I do the calibration in the elite app. The offset value is 9023. And now? Do I habe enter the value in Zwift manually?

txs a lot

The spindown you do in the Elite App is enough.
The trainer stores the offset value in his memory.
You don’t have to do another spindown in zwift.

Hi Mupuckl, welcome to the zwift forum.

Yes you can do the calibration in the elite app, a first party calibration using the manufacturers app is as good as calibrating in Zwift, and may even be better, as there is no assurance that zwift will get the calibration data as soon as updates are made, esp if firmware updates become available.

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thanks a lot… that’s perfect :grinning:

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Hi Gerrie, I did a spindown and found out that I have to adjust the Suito Manual But I Can not find how to do it . On YouTube they show you to use an allen key, but where is the nut to turn?

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I have the same trainer and don’t even see the calibrate option within zwift. What am I missing?

I didn’t see the calibration pop up until I updated my bluetooth dongle to 4.0.

I did not calibrage my suito yet (after 2 weeks of riding with it). It could be indeed good to have a reply on that. If we do the calibration test once a week through the app, does the offset value always change and will we have to manually tighten a screw on the smart trainer?

Hello. I have qubo elite digital smart b +. If I want to complete calibration I disconnect power fro cubo and than when program start loading data quickly plugged again. Usually that work. If not I do it again. And it works for me. Greetings