Elite Suito issues or features

Here is the response I got from Elite.

"Please take note that Suito has a very accurate and precise power calculation, and by the flywheel inertia is able to correctly detect the different of push that you apply from one pedaling to the other
The fluctuation you have in fact is the difference of push that you apply on the pedals and depends also on the way and how smooth you pedaling is.

This fluctuation is not a issue or malfunction of the trainer but the consequence of its high precision.

To do a good training in erg mode, you have to keep a “smooth” cadence and try to have a good uniformity of pedaling. Eventually, our app in advanced settings there is the possibility to use avarage values (advanced settings - power smoothing)."

HELP! I purchased an Elite Suito and am having problems riding it with Zwift. After unboxing, I first did all the software updates and also opened up Myetraining to make sure all was good. It pairs fine and I (attempt) to use with either my SRM PM or Stages PM depending on the bike I want to ride. My issue is - the watts seem way the f…k off. Yes, it does my match my PM for the most part, but I literally can’t hold 200w for 3 min it’s so hard. (Mind you, I am a cat 2 with an in shape FTP well over 300w) I can stand up and sprint for everything I have and never go over 400w. A “stomp” that normally would produce 600-800w on the road…I can’t get over 250w. Riding on the road is totally fine and I can jump on my rollers and instantly go 50-100w higher at my normal intenstity…What am I doing wrong?


I have the same issues as well. I’ve rebooted everything but no luck. Such a shame as I had trouble free riding for about 12 months. Can’t seem to find an answer anywhere.