Distance countdown stays on first route after world swap

I started my rides today with a warmup in Til Tok, then went to the Ineos training ride, when I exited the training ride, it dropped me back in Downtown where it usually does. But I still had the tick tok lead in a route counter on my dash.

I rode the hilly loop part way and the time you counter never went away.

I’m using a Apple TV with companion app.

I’ve seen that a few times too.

Are you both using iOS?

I’ve never seen it on Windows.

Windows for me. Lately I’ve seen it when doing TdZ short events. So I warmup on one of the short routes, then switch to the TdZ event and when that is done I return to the original world. I will be dropped off in the original world on a different random route but the HUD will show the original route I was on.

Hmm. I haven’t seen this at all and wondered if it was isolated to iOS.

Here is another example. The route name shows London Classique while I climb Box Hill. :grinning:

also pointing out the issues with the gradient graph/mini map in the screen shot above, the scale is all wrong and it goes off the screen.

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@James_Zwift another example from today. I did some laps of the volcano before the Stampede TT and then when I returned to Watopia, I was started downtown and the route counter still showed the volcano laps

Thanks guys, will flag.


Excellent choice of race BTW.

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