Display time gap

When you’re in a race with many riders you can just see the time gap of the riders nearby. You don’t know the time gap to the breakaway for example. It would be nice if the time gap could be presented like it does on a broadcast. See attached drawing.

as an extension it would also be good if that on group rides, the leaders time offset were always shown.
Often its difficult to know how far the leader is away.

Before Zwift locked the API there was a person that made a website that could do that.

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I was going to say , it will take something like this , exposing an API to allow user created content is our ONLY chance for features like this . At the moment Zwift cant even get the Rider nearby functionality working consistently , accurately or even coherently .

I actually had this exact same idea and made it without Zwift API, but instead using Zwiftpower Live Feed. Unfortunately Zwiftpower data is delayed and often inaccurate, so I wholeheartedly support your request to release a real Zwift API!

See this topic:

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