Group time gaps in racing

in the riders nearby, in a race, Instead of showing a jumbling list of riders in your blob @ 0 seconds time gap. please lump everyone within 3 secs into one group and show the time gaps to the various groups in the race. its very hard to see time gaps to groups up the road, down the road. is your group closing or falling away? who knows.
to name the groups you can use the name of the rider who has been on the front for the most and therefor put in the most effort to proppelling your group. ideally give some way to give them a ride on for their work.
in a nut shell we need more time information in races and riders pulling groups should be highlighted for their efforts.

we do need more info, I’d prefer it to be in the companion app though. I’d like the app to be developed for this purpose. i need the individual rider data on screen so i can monitor attacks, efforts, easing off. I t’s pretty much all i look at when racing. But the app could be utilised or zwift power live to show more relevant race info