Current Issues with Elite Direto Trainers


When attempting to connect using Bluetooth, check the blue led. If solid on, then the trainer is still connected and can’t be connected to a SW/app.

Mye-training windows… if another program keeps the ant dongle busy, mye-training can’t access to it and thus connect to the trainer. In this case the ant icon shows an “!”.

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The blue led is blinking, so no active connection.
Made some progress today:
Using Zwift on android I connected the power and cadance via ANT+, the trainer was only found using bluetooth, paired it. The resistance worked!
However the ant+ connection was pretty poor, this was also the case in Windows 10.

Hopefully someone can provide me with an answer, cause I’m running out of options. (and patience).

Got it sorted!

I remembered I had a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle laying around. Tried that one, and when pairing I heard the motor buzzing immediately. After a quick ride it all seems to work.

I’m still wondering why ANT+ won’t work, but it’s sorted for now!

Hello Nico,
Thank you for the detailed feedback. Sorry you are experiencing new problems.
Could you please email us at with details (what platform, os, etc)?
We definitely want to resolve this.
Thanks for patience,
Team Zwift

I am riding since 1 year now with Elite Direto.

The problem persists:
When I ride and gradients change, it first “overshoots” the resistance and then “undershoots” the resistance.
Worst on Alpe du Zwift. In the corners I freewheel with 1/3 of the power from before. And then just when I shift up resistance kicks in and I power above my threshold.

But the worst are constant minor resistance changes out of no reason.
When I ride on the flats with constant cadence there is a constant beeping from the device and up- and downregulation of resistance, leading to up- and down regulation of wattage. Best exemplified and most annoying in the Zwift FTP workout. Until the 20min FTP effort it is ERG mode and all is fine. But the moment the “free ride” FTP effort starts, resistance regulates up and down and up and down, even though IT SHOULD NOT REGULATE AT ALL.

This makes me suffer through races on Zwift as well, making me non-competitive. I have a sawtooth power profile even on the flattest section pedalling smooth. And the trainer is beeping and changing resistance all the time. Driving my over threshold values.
Whenever I increase power output through pedalling stronger, resistance regulates up, then down, then up again, as if “fighting” the power change.

The only thing I heard from Elite Support is that it is a communication error towards Zwift and not in their hands. Zwift says it is because other Bluetooth devices hinder good communication. So blaming others. I tried different connections, nothing helps this behaviour… so it is the Elite communication.

The one comment that I found most teaching was from a TrainerRoad forum that said that Elite Trainer tries to “smoothen out” unequal pedalling to have the flywheel running balanced. And that this is somehow corrupted when talking to Zwift. That sounds reasonable. But nothing to do about it…

I wish for an Elite Firmware update!!!

I’ve just “upgraded” from my Tacx wheel on trainer to the Direto and the resistance changes seem all over the place and get messed up by changing gear or cadence.
I could ride quite comfortably on my old trainer with what felt like a natural feel on Zwift but with the Elite i’m fighting it all the time, my w/kg on rides has dropped by around 5w because oif this.
Have Zwift made any changes do you know?
I doubt Elite will put a firmware change out as they haven’t since it came out!
Would be great to be able to ride Zwift in a more natural way, please help.

Here is my issue. First 6 months my Elite Direto was working just fine. Then it stopped producing resistance. I contacted Elite and they send me new motherboard. However, the with new motherboard it still has 2 problems:

  1. the power readings are off by 20-50w comparing to my crank power meter and my feeling

  2. more importantly, the power resistance is constantly fluctuating (like a slipping away), creating a yo-yo effect and making it frustrating and impossible to do any reasonable training (actually my knee start hurting due such power ramping-ups)

Crazy thing is that the fluctuation is getting worse the longer the ride, after 45min it drives me crazy: I make 280w then 3 sec later 180… like the trainer gets tired.

Now I am already almost 2 months in email exchange with Elite support constantly doing some tests/calibrations/updates but I am not sure if this is going anywhere. My feeling is that this is too long time to wait to get serviced for non inexpensive item. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I have Elite Direto, MacBook Pro, ANT+ key on a USB extension lead.

Keep getting dropouts where the Heart rate monitor dies and then the resistance wont wok anymore.

Any ideas - Zwift told me to use FEC- name for all options in Zwift and I’ve done that. And I have heart rate selected on ANT as well cause Zwift said not to use Bluetooth and ANT at the same time.

Thanks if anyone has help on this.

Try BLE, it should work fine on Mac.
I think your ANT+ USB Dongle is broken/bad.

No it isn’t broken

I’m now on RGT cycling app.

Amazing. Works fine.

I’ve bought a Tickr heart rate monitor for one last try with Zwift.

But this proves the problems is with Zwift.

I started experiencing a lot of the same issues as listed above. I recently moved and have had nothing but issues since then.

The trainer connects to Zwift through my iPhone (for candence, power and controllable) but the power reading randomly goes in and out and the app is no longer controlling the resistance of the trainer.

None of these were an issue before the move.

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Hi, my issues started atend offeb when i tried to calibrate my trainer through their app on my directo. I was 10 points under - 6388 v’s 6398 on the trainer. After this calibration it was like i had upped the resistence. Eg at same watts previously, hr was up 20+ beats and i couldnt get past about 700w no matter how hard id sprint. I then emailed them and got a response about how its a known issue and you just need to ride in their level mode for a bit and will sort itself out. It didnt. So i went about calibrating like their youtube said. Once close to 6398 the belt slipped a lot! Opened up the trainer and the belt had split. So i contacted them again. I now have 2 new belts. Fitted one but then same issue at start of calibration - 10pts out. I tightened to 4pts out but started making me nervous with sounds so i backed off. Did an FTP test. Same issue. Down about 15% on power than all other data inc another crank based power meter.

I’ve had this trainer for a couple of years and not had major issues recently. Although on the odd occasion I attempt to use erg mode it never seems right. The resistance is way too high and my cadence drops to about 40 trying to turn the pedals at the correct wattage in workouts so I just give up usually.

Hi there. Had slippage and clunking from my Direto. I’ve seen all the forum messages in the elite site and this site. I’m pretty sure that the belt needs tightening. But I have now tightening screw on my Direto. I purchased it in March 20. The date in the label as released from Italy is Oct 19. There is no offset sticker either. I’ve calibrated the trainer and the reading is 6518. But no factory setting to compare the reading. Any ideas how I can tighten the belt?

Have you reached out to cust service yet?

I would not screw with belt tension at random
The offset sticker should be under the bottom of the trainer it’ll be handwritten.

If you’re dead set on tightening the belt, there’s a hex screw parallel to the ground on the non drive side, that’s the lock on the actual adjustment hex which is vertical and under that sticker on the non drive side that says don’t touch.

Messing with the tension will mess with the power accuracy, I’d advise talking to them before turning those bolts

Thanks for the response. Yes I have emailed elite customer services. Waiting for a response. I attached a video of the problem too. It’s impossible to ride it as it is now. And I’ve looked everywhere for the hand written offset figure but it’s not there.

I’m sure they’ll take good care of you, they shipped me a warranty replacement direct from Italy and it got to me in 4-5 days when my direto died

I’d give them a call as well just to make sure, it seems like a relatively small office there

I tried the same procedure with my Elite Drivo 1. Works great, After always having no resistance issues in flat zwift routes.

Started Zwift w/o FE-C connected, Started Lvl Mode Training in Elite App. Stopped Lvl Mode in elite app, Connected Drivo FE-C in Zwift.

Macbook Air / Ant+ USB / wahoo elmt bolt (not connected to drivo)

Belt snapped last night and only done 1000mile on trainer. Snapped in the middle and in 3 other places its torn.(must of been ready to fail) Onto elite straight away. But that sorted my resistance issue out as i cant use the damm thing now :joy::joy::see_no_evil: