Current Issues with Elite Direto Trainers


When attempting to connect using Bluetooth, check the blue led. If solid on, then the trainer is still connected and can’t be connected to a SW/app.

Mye-training windows… if another program keeps the ant dongle busy, mye-training can’t access to it and thus connect to the trainer. In this case the ant icon shows an “!”.

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The blue led is blinking, so no active connection.
Made some progress today:
Using Zwift on android I connected the power and cadance via ANT+, the trainer was only found using bluetooth, paired it. The resistance worked!
However the ant+ connection was pretty poor, this was also the case in Windows 10.

Hopefully someone can provide me with an answer, cause I’m running out of options. (and patience).

Got it sorted!

I remembered I had a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle laying around. Tried that one, and when pairing I heard the motor buzzing immediately. After a quick ride it all seems to work.

I’m still wondering why ANT+ won’t work, but it’s sorted for now!

Hello Nico,
Thank you for the detailed feedback. Sorry you are experiencing new problems.
Could you please email us at with details (what platform, os, etc)?
We definitely want to resolve this.
Thanks for patience,
Team Zwift