Current Issues with Elite Direto Trainers

So i seem to have a fix. Long term solution, time will only tell if it will last.

Note:Only good if you have powermeter too.

  1. Start Level mode on elite app and pedal for few seconds.

2.Switch off direto and load up Zwift on apple TV.

  1. Unpair all existing devices from zwift on apple TV.

  2. Use companion app(iphone) to pair bluetooth connections.

5.Pair 4iii crank powermeter as power and cadence/direto as controller and pair HR strap

  1. Only time will tell if this work around holds up.

  2. Sprints work and smooth transitions for gradient changes over 5mile test loop before ZA group ride.

  3. ZA group ride was excellent with smooth gradient changes and good power numbers from 0%-15% simulated gradients.

Hold my beer and il keep you updated.

UPDATE* 10/11/2020

Currently dealing with Eduardo at Elite and il keep you posted.

Can i ask of you have the same problems to reply to this and its a good thing Elite are trying to get knowledge and hopefully a good solution or advice will come for all us zwift/direto users

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I have a 2017 Elite Turno Smart B+. The connection with Zwift works fine (I use power output). But if I stop pedaling for more than 2 seconds the power peaks at 2000 watt for a couple of seconds.

The upside: I can go really fast in the game without getting tired :slight_smile: The downside, if I want true readings I can’t stop pedaling for more than 1 second to grab a powerbar for instance.

Are there more people experiencing this? And is there a solution? It happens every single time I stop pedaling so it is nice and consistent.

Hi Bas,
it could be a wrong seting in the sensor.
Open the sensor and push the button and count the led flashes.
it should make 15 flashes. if not, just push the button to change the setting. Each time you puch the button, it increases the flashes.

Thnx a lot for the tip Gaetano,

I’ll try that this weekend and let you know.

Same problem since calibration in the Zwift app. to much resistance… did you fix the problem?

Zwift calibration in some cases is faulty.
I suggest to use the Elite myetraining app

I have a Direto and run Zwift through 4th gen Apple TV. In the app I can no longer see an option for ERG mode and I don’t get any “road feel” when gradient changes. I have tried connecting through Companion app and also through the other Bluetooth option and it doesn’t seem to change the issue. I checked if a firmware update was needed on the trainer and that says up to date. I calibrated through Elite app. I’ve been riding on zwift for 2 years and not had this problem until recently.

I have tickets in with Elite and Zwift

Any thoughts?

Did you ever get a resolution to this. This is my current issue.

Hi Matt,

Are you sure you put the interactive trainer on during setup? if you use ANT, you are sure to put the FEC channel in the field “interactive Trainer”? You mustn’t use the Elite channel (without FEC).
I hope to be usefull

Because I am using Apple TV I don’t believe I can use ANT+ to connect. I also tried using rouvy and had the same issue. I’m starting to think it’s a hardware issue.

Exactly the issue with direto spinning out stopping me sprinting. All calibrated correctly and using ant rather than Bluetooth. I don’t have a separate power meter though so sadly the above won’t work for me… Did you hear anything more from Elite on the issue?

Ps spins out on flat at less than 800W, which negates any sprinting as I have more in my legs. Heavier rider at 86kg with a lowly ftp of 230.

I’m experiencing issue with my trainer whereby the Bluetooth connection drops out circa 45mins into the ride. It then reconnects, you then rejoin the ride and it disconnects any ideas on how to solve?

i have exactly the same problem on my Drivo (power oscilation). Currently opening new ticket with Elite (again)

On Alpe du Zwift I have to completely stop after each corner (especially first few). For example, on first km when there is a steady 10%, I have stable 330W and cadence 80. When i go into the corner and slope suddenly drops to 2%, resistance also drops to about 150w (same cadence) and after few seconds when slop kicks again with 10% my resistance stays at 150w and then slowly goes to 0. It happens only on corners when there is this fast and hard slope change like 10%-2%-10%.

On Zwift ERG workout (the Gorby) with intervals 350W-180W.

  • When i start first interval from 220W to 350W: after reaching target=350W, resistance oscillates very slowly for about one minute with high amplitude (between 300W and 400w) and after 1 minute i have steady 350W.
  • When it should drops from 350W to 180W: resistance doesnt stop at 180W but goes to 60W and after 1 minute it slowly reach 180W

Good luck with that. It took me almost 1 year to resolve the problem. 4 months with Elite and then 8 with the website where I bought the trainer (these guys are total lunatics). Overall, the worst customer experience ever. At the end they just gave paid me back the money.


After February update, I witnessed lacks of resistance on my Elite Direto connected through ANT+ to Zwift installed on Windows 10. I opened an inquiry at Zwift support.

Hi all,

I have a Directo XR - and have noticed that when using ERG on a Training program, the wattage as reported by Zwift fluctuates massively and struggles to get close to value specified by the program. When it does, it immediately drops down by ~ 50 watts and slowly rebuilds.
Is this common ? am I doing something daft?
Any advice appreciated!

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I have exactly the same problem, ANT+, PC and Direto XR. Bought the trainer this week and the watts on zwift fluctuates enormously. I did the calibration on elite and the number 6379 corresponds with the result of the test.

ERG mode is impossible to hold correct output and on freerides it’s a very spiky curve.

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Have a play with the “power smoothing” option in the Elite app, the value is the number of left and right pedal strokes upon which an average is formed iirc. “10” should give the smoothest power matching in ERG mode, at the cost of a bit more delay during power interval changes, including races where you try to react to surges.

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I encountered the same problems. It works okayish with short gears but the with long gears it’s not usable in ERG mode. I previously used a Tacx Vortex Smart without any problems.

Power Measures for Elite Direto XR (first short gears - first two 300W segments, later for the other 300W segments, long gears)

Power Measures for a TACX Vortex Smart (only long gears)

What about Elites competitors in this price range, such as the Wahoo Kickr Core or the Tacx Flux (S). Do they show similar behaviour as the Direto XR in long gears?

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I have a problem with Direto XR with resistance fluctuating. It happens when I’m doing workout but with no ERG (TD set to 0%). Trainer is “calibrated” in Elite app. Win 10, connected Ant+ FE-C.
In theory, trainer shouldn’t change resistance in this situation, only gears. I can feel resistance change mostly when doing low cadence reps (biggest gears), I can feel that resistance goes up and down, up and down so much that for few seconds I almost can’t push the pedals and for few seconds on the same gear I can push without any problem.
Anyone had similar problem and tried to fix it?