Crash after login (iOS and AppleTV) [November 2021] [1.19.0]

Hallo did buy a new Apple tv 4k and did only install Zwift and the app drops me out after putting in my email and password and press next.

I did buy this apple TV especially to use zwift and im a bit disappointed right now.


Steffan: Thanks for this, but this thread is about crashes on iOS and Apple TV (TVOS), not Mac OS. Your process is not possible on iOS or TVOS.

AGAIN, for those people experiencing the crash issues on iOS and TVOS, please add your location/country (and possibly your internet provider). I am in the US/Colorado, using Xfinity as my internet provider, and did not have any issues with using the newest versions of Zwift on iOS or TVOS. (The ZCA app, however, has issues on my iPad, but works fine on my iPhone.)

Frederikshavn, Denmark

Yes. Was answering to @pol.m_Model_1957 who wrote about his issues on Mac.

AppleTV, Luxembourg, POST, crash on login

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Same here in The Netherlands. Crash at login on Zwift using iOS 14.8.1 and iOS 15.0.2. Using latest version of Zwift app on iPhone, Companion app works fine.
We had same problems somewhere beginning october on iOS devices.

October 7th same problem. Perhaps same issue? Not merged fix into new zwift version?


Apple TV.
Crash after 59 km. Watopia Quatch Quest. Also other riders in the same group ride had the same problem.

This thread is for a crash immediately after trying to login, not for during a ride.

Sounds like your problem was at the top of Alpe du Zwift, in which case see My Apple TV has hung

Didnt do it for me. When trying to log in and pressing my name the wheel spins a few seconds and then the app exits back to Home Screen of my iPad Pro.


Same here. IOS 15.1

@zwift: day 3 and still no fix. I’m pretty frustrated. Why is it taking so long?


Exactly that one, thanks!
They seem to have spotted it alredy.

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same here in the Netherlands.

Crash when signed my password and click “next”, Zwift shuts down after few seconds.
Apple TV 4K 2021 with all latest updates

Same here in Stockholm, Sweden. Tried to update, re-install. Nothing works. Crashes about 10 seconds after hitting “next” when entered email and password

Me too when I try to log in. I have iOS 14.8.1 version and app version is newest one, 1.19.0. I’m in Finland.

My apps is crashing at the same point every time
on every Apple Unit. Right after i have been typing my username and password and press login.

I have tried to delete and reinstall app on every unit.

My hardware and versions are…

  • iPad Pro (2019 model) iOS 15.1
  • Apple tv 4K (2021 model 64GB) iOS 5.1
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max, iOS 15.1.1

Zwift Version 1.19.0 (Newest version, just reinstalled today)

Its been 3 days and its becoming really frustrating. Hope for a solution soon. Maybe you guys should give up some free period after this to make up for the days we pay but still cant use it.


Try change the langue i apple tv to german.
I saw this in another thread. And for me it solved the problem.


Zwift shut down after entering username and passwd. Clicking next it goes down. Apple IPhone 11 iOS 15.1.
It worked yesterday but I logged out today and since then I can’t get in again. I can log in to the companion app without problems.