Connection Failure Whilst Riding

Zwift Support were appalling. Just spouted a load of random rubbish and clearly hadn’t read my original email. Said there was no way to retrieve my ATV log files, despite the fact she had supposedly looked at them.

there is no way for you to retrieve them, Zwift can pull them from their server however.

Those are different log files though, server logs. But better than nothing given the Apple TV client logs can’t be accessed.

I know. That’s what I asked for, twice. They told me to contact Apple!

Worth noting (see this thread) there are a couple of different types of “connection” messages: “Connection Disconnected” which is a server connection issue, and “Connection Failure” for sensor dropouts.

When I see leaderboard position disappearing, it suggests to me the former is happening.

I was going to suggest the exact same thing. AirPlay and other types of screen mirroring have caused no end of problems for me with Zwift. I’d suggest sticking to hardwired HDMI connections.

That choice of wording :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


Nice spot. I’ve never noticed the different wording but then i don’t get connection failures.

I’m a connection disconnected nearly every session at the minute.
Might swap my usb WiFi dongle to see if that makes any difference.

Yeah, it’s Connection Disconnect I get too. Like I said, nothing in my setup has changed and I have a very stable connection. Videos continue to play just fine while this happens. I’ll restart the ATV next time anyway.

The disconnection may not be related to your Internet connectivity, but even if it is, due to buffering, streaming video can survive service interruptions much better than an app like Zwift that relies on real time two way communication.

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This issue is becoming really frustrating now.

Just jumped on the stage 3 TDZ 8pm UK time ride, 3.6km in I slowly come to a halt once again with the ‘connection failure’ message yet again showing whilst watching other riders continue.

This time I was running straight from my MacBook Pro rather than mirroring to a tv, my zone belt connected along with my training (kickr core).

Any suggestions are welcome as currently it’s ruining the experience.

Edit: I am currently uploading a video to share of my connection screen as the connection fluctuates, will post once uploaded

I late joined the gcn workout at 1700 GMT today by ~1min and having paired up my saris H3 using ANT+ before I joined, Zwift lost the pairing as soon as I was teleported to the group.

Got message at top of screen on my Android Zwift app.

I then noticed the turbo pairing light was off.

So I turned off h3 at mains, checked the mains adapter at the turbo end which can easily come away from the turbo socket (it was fine this time) and then turned turbo back on.

Went to pairing and ensured h3 paired, all the while my avatar was keeping with group as it will do for first minute after late join, then all good for the workout.

As you can see the connection isn’t stable, during the screen recording I am not sat on or touching the bike however the connection is fluctuating?

There is most probably some interference in the room.

WiFi signals or microwave oven.

There are no other devices in the room, currently my bike is set up in the conservatory but soon to move to the garage.

The only things in the room are an old sofa, my trainer, laptop and tv

Laptop built-in Bluetooth? There is a possible issue. Built-in Bluetooth are not very good and it’s next to other electronics and WiFi receivers. And it’s probably far from the trainer.

Have have you tried a Bluetooth adapter on a extension cable.

Yeah, currently use my MacBook Pro linked to my trainer.

I will purchase a bluetooth receiver now and see how that works and report back.

I wouldn’t bother - it sounds like you are pairing via the companion app - have you tried pairing directly tpo the laptop?

I’ve used loads of laptops and internal bluetooth has always been fine

Now for the curve ball.

If all your sensors are ANT+ you may want to try ANT+ adapter. :thinking:

If you’re on 2.4GHz WiFi you could also try changing the channel on the router to something relatively far from whatever it is now.

Haha lost me a little here.

I don’t believe I am using ant+ and I connect directly via my laptop ( I plug my trainer in, fire open Zwift and it auto connects).

Regarding wifi, unsure how to check what type I am using or how to change this.

I have just been sent out a new booster hub today from BT so may plug it in tomorrow when riding to see if there’s any difference, however I’ll be expecting the same Connection failure message the entire ride :unamused: