Wfi vs ethernet

Can anyone PLEEEEEEASE help me out here.
Since the last update, if I do an event or group ride, /robo pacer, I keep having to ride with a peleton of bikes with no riders at best, or at worst just me on the “road”.

I noticed this is with the notice “Connection Disconnected” on the top left, this keeps phasing in and out, but the HRM, power meter, and cadence sensor still relay all the info.

Today I tried an ethernet cable and what happens…

You guessed it… “Connection Disconnected” keeps rearing its ugly head.

Any ideas or is the problem at Zwift’s end.?

Bikes without riders is usually related to CPU exhaustion.

All riders going away is usually a network issue.

And lately people have been getting “Connection Disconnected” errors without any interruption of the game, so it’s hard to use that as an indication of a problem unless you also see issues in the game.

You might try the zwiftalizer ping test: Zwiftalizer 2.0

Rebooting your router would also be a good idea if you haven’t tried that already.

Hi @Donald_Gino_Howe_Vel ,

Paul is pretty spot on with the assessment of CPU exhaustion, which is also likely related to the disconnection errors you are getting.

when a CPU and or GPU can no longer keep up with the demand they will start dropping things, like rider avatars and “non critical” connections, like Bluetooth, and ANT+ signals. It’s very likely that the dosconenction error you are getting is from micro dropouts cause by your CPY not being able to keep up with the demand anymore.

What kind of setup do you have? Some more information might help determine what the best course of action is here. the more information the better!

It’s a ryzen 4 core 3.4 ghz, with a dedicated nvidia 1060 6gb GPU… Never ever had issues till last update.

Ethernet is still much faster than any wifi.

how far away is ur trainer located from the device it’s connected to?