Bluetooth Dropping Regularly - Zwifting Side by Side?

I’m having trouble with my bluetooth connection dropping regularly during a ride. Today I made it through over half my race and then my bluetooth connection was going on and off for the remainder of the ride - very frustrating. I was riding right next to my wife doing the same race. We were both using bluetooth into our laptops. I’m using a Kinetic Road Machine trainer with an Inride sensor. The sensor has been a bit wonky since I’ve owned it. Could my wife’s bluetooth connection be affecting my connection? It doesn’t seem like her connection has been a problem. She uses cheap CooSpo speed and cadence sensors on her Cycleops Fluid 2. Our bikes are also right next to a Wifi Range Extender. Could the Wifi range extender be causing interference with my bluetooth connection? Seems like I’ve ruled out other issues. I’ve recently replaced the batteries. When I’ve lost my bluetooth connection, I’ve taken out the battery and put it back in and it seems like the bluetooth connection then comes back on and stays connected for the rest of the ride. Anybody have any ideas? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I think you are onto something. WiFi will not interfere with Bluetooth but other Bluetooth devices can cause problems. I am not sure if your version of trainer supports ANT+, the new version does, I would consider purchasing a ANT+ dongle and switch to ANT+ while your wife can continue with Bluetooth. You can get a Anself ANT+ dongle in Amazon for less than $20.

Bob, are you sure that WiFi cannot interfere with Bluetooth?
BLE and ANT+ are both using 2.4 GHz and what if the WiFi is 2.4 GHz, too? No experience here (using 5 GHz WiFi).

Hi Milan, You might be correct I am not a professional and didn’t do this for a living but while it is that they both can use 2.4Ghz to broadcast within that frequency they are channel hopping and also have data retransmit capabilities. Same with microwave which I guess can also interfere. My understanding is that BT is only noise to WiFi and vice versa.

Wifi absolutely can interfere with Wifi. One thing that is often noted is to check the channel your Wifi is on. BT interference is greatest with Wifi in the 9-12 range. If you Wifi extender is running in that channel range or on Auto, change it to a lower channel such as 3 and see if it makes any difference.

Two other things you can try:

  1. Using Bluetooth through the Zwift Companion App. It too can be flaky, but whatever is your cause of flaky (could be associated with your PC’s BT electronics) may not exist when going though your phone.
  2. As noted by @Bob_Gorman_TFC and @Milan_Rost, pick up the ANSELF ANT+ dongle and a short USB extension cable from Amazon. I was having BT flakiness and went to all ANT+ using this dongle and a 3’ extension and it is rock solid.