2.4Ghz WiFi, BLE, ANT+

I wonder… is 2.4GHz WiFi interfering with BLE? ANT+? Why?

What’s your configuration? Please share you experience!


It might be. It really depends on your environment.

Why? 2.4GHz WiFi, BLE, and ANT+ along w/a plethora of other devices (e.g., baby monitors, cordless phones, etc…) are all sharing the same frequency spectrum (i.e., 2.4GHz). Thus, you can get interference between devices all operating in the same spectrum.

  • If you can, move your WiFi to 5GHz.
  • If using ANT+, use an extension cable to get the dongle closer to your bike and trainer.
  • If using Windows, probably best to avoid Bluetooth :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :man_shrugging:.
  • If using a MacBook, maybe limit use to ANT+ or Bluetooth. I had one where simultaneous use of Bluetooth and ANT+ resulted in dropouts. My best guess was some kind of interference due to lack of sufficient shielding internally. New MacBook does not exhibit this issue, but I’ve since moved to an Apple TV for Zwift.

This list could go on and on.

If you want to see if your experiencing signal dropouts or whatnot, toss your log file into Zwiftalizer

Many if not most of the problems and complaints with Zwift such as dropouts, ERG getting stuck, etc., are not actually Zwift problems but user problems (signal interference, improper setup, sensor issues, trainer issues, etc.)

Fortunately, aside from the BLE disconnect “issue”, my device connection is without (known?) issues.

Still, people report of having issues - I am wondering about other people experience…

I tested many possible configurations, BLE (PC, USB dongle), ANT+ (PC, USB dongle and Android mobile phone), bridging with ZCA. Using Tacx Neo (1st gen, BLE and ANT+, both tested), P2M NG Eco powermeter (BLE and ANT+, both tested), Polar H7 HRM (2 of them, BLE, tested), Quadlock HRM (BLE and ANT+, both tested).
Software - Zwift, ZCA, Jepster Android App, Tacx App, P2M App. Tested also Polar M460 bike computer (BLE).
When using ZCA, is Zwift running on a PC, wired Internet and ZCA on an Android mobile, 5 GHz WLAN.
Zwift user since 2018, always Dec-April.
Had issues when taking part in really big events (>1000 Zwifters) - lost connections on the start. Reconnected automatically, always.
That’s all, no other issues.

Login to your router and change default channel for wifi 2,4Mhz, since it will conflict with your ant+s stuff. I always use ethernet to my laptop, since i live in apartment my neigbours wifi can of course interfer too. Kinetics ant+ stick is very good.
Here is some info about wifi 2,4 and ant+