Can I run Zwift cycling with a chromebook?

Specifically, with an Asus Chromebox?


I don’t think so, here is a link to the Android thread about supported devices: Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: March 9th, 2019)

Hi Nick,
I have an ASUS C100P convertible that runs Android as standard I am going to attempt to load the Zwift SW and ANT Sensor I will report back soon as I have tried it,. If it works I will be delighted!

Hi Nick
I just tried there is no Zwift download available for mt Asus C100P even though it can run Android.

Thanks for looking into that and making the effort.

Hi Nick
No problem enjoy your riding or running.

Hey all.

As a rule of thumb, ‘Chrome’ devices aren’t supported as Zwift isn’t coded to work with Chrome OS, even if the device can run the Google Play Store. This is why you won’t find app on the store when searching. A list of our supported devices can be found on out support page! And a link to our forum page listing all supported android devices can be found above, thank you @Paul_Allen

Ride On!

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