Can I run Zwift cycling with a chromebook?

I was thinking as much!

also interesting to note that a close competitor to zwift which start by “R” works on chromebooks. quite well too…

oh hum

Zwift’s inability to run on Chrome OS as well as ALL devices that run Android is an epic fail. Oh, but come Halloween, get ready for the dumb-ass costume ‘enhancements’. Great way to use your resources Zwift.

Zwift run on my Android OnePlus 5T

Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: Dec 22, 2019)?

Zwift does NOT run on Android enabled chromebooks

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Sorry I miss understood.

Until IE and Safari support full BLE/ANT+ compatibility cloud based Zwift ain’t gonna happen. I know Google is working on BLE for Chrome but I don’t think Microsoft or Mac cares so it may be further down the line than you’d think.

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This may have been asked before, but I can’t find any reference. Has anyone had any luck lately running Zwift on NVIDIA Shield TV Pro? The online documentation asserts that it can run games like Fortnite so I am thinking this might be a nice compact option.

Any thought or experience with this would e welcome?

Hello, I don’t think it works, since the processor does not comply with Arm64-v8a ABI (Arm64 architecture), I have tried several options of android tv box, I have not found one that works, apparently the swift apk is only for devices 64-bit.

Hello, a question, is there an android tv box model that works with swift

Just reviving this thread. I don’t really care about the system specs nonsense people are posting here since my pixelbook go is about the same spec as my MacBook Pro which runs Zwift perfectly. The people who are talking about browser support seem to have missed the fact that you can run android apps and Linux apps on chromebooks.

Anyway, back to the point. Zwift still isn’t available in the play store so I tried to get an apk for it that I could install using adb. It can’t be done at the moment since there isn’t an x86 built of zwift, only arm builds. I guess that’s something Zwift has explicitly configured, but if I understand correctly apps published from early 2021 onwards will be required to upload an app bundle that google play will automatically compile for all platforms, which should solve the problem.

In the meantime, it’s pretty trivial to compile a build of Zwift for x86 devices like chromebooks, and it seems like there are a number of interested people, so if Zwift were to create a test bundle for us to try out I’d love to try it out and provide feedback. I’m sure others would too. So please Zwift, help us out, put out an x86 build for us to test.

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Same here. Very happy to test.