Can I run Zwift cycling with a chromebook?

So, i updated Zwift on my Duet. When it started up it gave a pop-up saying it was no longer compatible with my device. I uninstalled it but now there is no Zwift available on the play store to download. FFS developers sort it out!

Hey @James_Thorne4931, I’m considering getting a Pixel Slate (i5) and finding it hard to find info online as to whether Zwift will work or not… can you confirm if Zwift if still working for you on your Slate?

Yes it’s working for me now

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Zwift seems to work fine on my Pixel Slate, although I didn’t test the sensors. I guess you may need an ANT+ USB dongle.

In contrast, Zwift Companion is still blocked on Pixel Slate - you can install it but on start it just says the device is unsupported, which is pretty much the most disrepectful decision Zwift could have possibly shown towards Chromebook users: forums.zwift .com/t/zwift-companion-no-game-mode-on-pixel-slate-chrome-os/224793/13

Thanks for the info, I plan on running the Zwift app from the Slate and the companion app on my android phone, so for my purposes sounds like it should work out.

Just reporting that my Lenovo duet is also running zwift fine - Bluetooth devices connects but the initial pairing can be finicky at times, ant+ with a usb still refuses to work.

As for gameplay it depends on how many people are riding with you. With the cadence c pace partner rides it gets a bit choppy but still manageable. On my solo workouts it is perfectly fine


I’m also thinking about buying a Chromebook just to run Zwift on it (they’re cheap and very convenient to different task, not just running Zwift).

I’ve read the entire thread, and it seems that, finally, Zwift run at least in Lenovo Duet chromebooks.

Anyone have tried it in other chromebooks brands/models?
What must be the specs of a chromebook in order to run Zwift?

So, now (close to 2022!!!), is Zwift finally officially supporting chromebooks (at least those with 64bits architecture)?

No, it’s not. Even if they were, buying one for Zwift would be a very poor idea.

In my opinion, @Dave_ZPCMR , It WOULD BE a really great idea for some users (like those asking here for that).

There are a lot of cases in which using something like a chromebook would be tremendously advantageous (and each one will have theirs own). It is not a matter of explaining each one of their reasons (there are, and many).

The fact is that it seems to me a tremendous neglect on the part of Zwift, because (although I already know that you do not), there are many users who are asking for it.

Zwift is a 3D game, which means Chromebooks are just about the least suitable device to run it on. Might as well ask if it’s going to be supported on scientific calculators. :wink: The answer is no I’m afraid, and they’re presently in the process of cutting down the number of supported operating systems.

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@Dave_ZPCMR , Zwift is supported on mobile phones…

Chromebooks (some of them) has the same specs as some mobile phones that can run it propperly (there’re ARM64 chromebooks)…so, please…

(and there’re also chromebooks with intel 64bits CPUs too…)

Your “joke” about “scientific calculators” is a nonsense… trying to dismiss our request with an absurd and erroneous comparison is silly (if YOU don’t care about this I can undertand that, but don’t do that).

The only reason is that Zwift doesn’t care about this petition of (some) of his customers.

As I said: You don’t care? OK! No problema at all!!!.. But there aren’t any “technological reason” to Zwift not supporting ARM64 or Intel 64bits Chromebooks.

Sorry, I edited my post because it was unnecessarily rude. Chromebooks were literally conceived to browse the internet, not run 3D games. That’s the whole point of them versus a regular laptop. It’s highly unlikely Zwift will ever support them, for several good reasons. Not least, the many people who will complain to Zwift Support that their Chromebook doesn’t work, or that performance is terrible. I’m sure they already have enough of this with Android support generally, so I can’t see why they’d want to invite even more.

There are tons of similarly cheap ways to get on Zwift, with official support.

OK, it’s your 100% respectable opinion… not mine.

As I said, 2021 chromebook doesn’t have the same specs that 2018-2019 specs (when this thread started!). There’re ARM64 chromebook more powerful than many of mobilephones that can run Zwift.

Yes, YOU don’t have any interest at all in that kind of computers, and, again, that’s OK, but is just an opinion (mine too!), there aren’t any technological reasons to don’t support it.

What’s the rough price and specs of these more powerful Chromebooks, out of interest?

I play PC games on my Chromebook :crazy_face:

Using Nvidia Geforce Now

Not all Chromebooks are low power devices

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Just need Zwift adding to Steam then. :wink:

Which is actually a far more interesting proposition than running natively on Chromebooks.


Thinking of getting a Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 and I’m getting a few mixed messages. Does Zwift work on Chromebooks and the newest Lenovo? Or do folks recommend staying away from Chromebooks?

It isn’t about the overall power of the device necessarily. You can have the fastest, most powerful and modern CPU in the world, but if your device has a GPU not designed for the purpose, running a game like Zwift successfully is still going to be out of the question.

My daughter bought a Chromebook last Summer for her university work, and there were very, very few of the devices we looked at that had GPUs capable of running any games that are in any way visually demanding. There were some, obviously, but they were in a price range where you might as well buy a Win10 laptop.if you want to use it solely to run Zwift.

In those circumstances it seems unlikely that Zwift would want to put resources into making a version compatible with Chromebooks in addition to the other platforms it supports.

That is, of course, true. However, if the vast majority of them are not capable of running Zwift properly what would be the point?

Friday 10th June 2022: I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook {Model No CT-X636F} I tried again today and found that I can now download the Zwift app from Google Android store (The one for mobile phones) and can confirm that it installs and loads.
However, when it is launched, I get a message on screen saying that “Location is switched off” and needs to be initiated in settings.
Problem1. there are no location settings I can find in Zwift.
Problem 2. The Chromebook does not have any settings I can find to change to influence this.

In addition to this, I could not get the computer to “find” The Zwift Trainer Unit, The cadence Sensor, sped sensor et al. I tried with Bluetooth and using the ANT sensor I use with my MacBook Pro.

Therefore for the time being I have to conclude that Zwift does not work on my Chromebook IdeaPad which is a shame!