Chromebook support

Where are you with Android support for top end Chromebooks?

I see no reason why the high end Chromebook device population can’t easily support the ap and this would really be a huge step forward in bringing your android beta in line with your iOS level of support.


Agreed, I was disappointed to see the Android app was not supported for my Acer R13 Chromebook. Come on guys!

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Would love to ride using my chromebook!

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1 year later and still no Chromebook support. There are so many chromebooks that can now handle the Zwift software. TrainerRoad works great on the chromebook.


Nearing 2 years later. Google Pixelbook. Zwift - what’s your excuse?

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Hello Zwift, you just need to allow us to install Zwift on a Chromebook, let the user decide if it works properly. My Pixelbook Go has an i5 processor and 8gb ram but I just cant install it from the play store . but Zwift runs on my cheap 3 years old lenovo android tablet. . :thinking:

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