Zwift (Android App) on Chromebooks: Freezing Screen

Hi all,

just wondering if anyone else have problems with a freezing screen on a ChromeOS tablet (Lenovo Duet, 10", 4 GB RAM) since the latest update to ChromeOS 99 (Saturday, March, 5th for me)?

It worked superfine before (for 8 months without issues), but now I face a freezing screen on the tablet whereas the stream to my TV via Chromecast continues to work fine. I can “wake up” the screen for an actual image by minimizing the app then maximizing again, but only for a second…

Any hints, tipps & tricks for me?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @Stephan_Schwagerl

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It’s interesting that you were able to get Zwift to run on ChromeOS because to my knowledge ChromeOS isn’t technically supported to run Zwift. I suppose the closest examples I can think of are Chromebooks, which use ChromeOS and which aren’t supported to run Zwift.

The OS requirements for Android devices are shown in this article and I don’t see any mention of ChromeOS there.

Are you using some kind of hack or workaround to run Zwift on ChromeOS?

Many Chromebooks allow installation of Android apps via the Play Store. I assume that if a device meets the hardware specs Zwift for Android, it’s possible to install the game on Chrome OS even though it’s not a supported platform.

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That may be, @Dave_ZPCMR . I don’t often see questions about ChromeOS on Android tablets, so I’ve reached out to a higher technical authority on the Zwift team for more information.

Hi @Stephan_Schwagerl

I looked into the Lenovo Duet, 10", 4 GB RAM tablet you’ve mentioned and best I can tell is that it’s technically considered to be a Chromebook.

As mentioned, Chromebooks aren’t currently supported for use with Zwift.

It seems your device might dual boot with Windows 10, so perhaps you can try installing and running Zwift through Windows 10 instead? The RAM specs are a bit low for Windows 10, however, as Zwift on PCs requires 8 GB RAM.

I think adding support for Chromebooks is a semi-popular feature request, so you might consider upvoting any Forums posts that you find in the Feature Requests section of the forums.

Dear @Steven_D ,

thank you very much for your reply.

It worked fine for several months, and it still did via the Chromecast Stream on my TV.

What I did yesterday evening seems to have helped, eventhough I have not yet tested it on a workout:

In ChromeOS Settings/Apps I deleted the cache und all data for the Zwift App, but not the app itself.

Then I restarted the app, and it began to “unzipping files” (just after a normal update, of which I had plenty in the last months). After “verifying download”, the app started as ever (I only tried as “spectator”, but that worked fine…).

I will report after my next workout…

And no, I did not any workaround to get Zwift on my Chromebook Tablet - it is the normal Android app via Google Play Store working just fine. This could be an additional market for you, as Chromebooks get regular updates for at least seven years (compare this to Android tablets :slight_smile: ).

So maybe, this was only a temporary issue due to the update to ChromeOS 99 (some kind of buffer overflow in the graphics or whatever - it seems to work fine again after the procedure described above…

Funny side note: The Zwift Companion App does NOT work on my tablet (I tried to install it and use my mobile for the Zwift app and the Chromebook for the companion app…no way…)

Did a try in my lunch break - everything works fine again…sorry for the alert…Ride On, everybody!

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Hi @Stephan_Schwagerl

Thanks for letting us know that you’ve resolved the issue!

Your Lenovo Duet is an interesting one and it prompted much discussion internally amongst members of our support team. It seems to be one of those model systems where you can run perhaps ChromeOS but also Android OS and also a more limited version of Windows 10. It’s seemingly a multi-boot device, so interesting.

When I had a look at your account using our internal tools, the OS that was registered in the logs was Android 9, so there’s clearly an element of Android OS. Also, this shows us that your device seems to be running Zwift as an Android app, which is fine. This explains (to me at least) why you’ve been able to run Zwift on that device for so many months.

Unfortunately, it is not solved…I experienced the same problem again, even after deleting cache and data…watching others works fine, but me own workout (training plan “Build me up”) gets me a freezed screen on the tablet (but not on the TV via Chromecast).

So now, I uninstalled the app after making sure that I can reinstall it.

Next workout is planned for Sunday, I will keep you updated…have a nice weekend and Ride On!

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Hi @Stephan_Schwagerl

I’m wondering if this has something to do with the Chromecast. As I understand it, Chromecast isn’t something we recommend for use with Zwift and your use of it might be resulting in issues. You can find more information in the related FAQ article.

We recommend using the appropriate HDMI adapter cable if you’re wanting to get the image from your Android tablet to a larger TV screen. Here’s a YouTube video​ that explains the basic concept with instructions.

Hi @Steven_D ,

that is it - I did a workout this evening without streaming it via chromecast and it worked fine!

Thank you very much!!!

Best regards & Ride on!

This is awesome news @Stephan_Schwagerl and I’m happy to hear that the issue has been resolved since removing the Chromecast element. Happy to help!