Zwift freezing on Lenovo 15-IIL Laptop when connected to TV and running chat on Chrome

Hello there, Zwift team. I’m having a freezing issue trying to do Zwift on a big screen TV connected via HDMI to my laptop and when I have the Discord chat page open in Chrome at the same time. The program after an hour or two will freeze and not respond and eventually has to close. It’s a Lenovo 15-IIL (model 20SM0013US), Intel Core i7-1065G7 CPU with Iris Graphics, 16 GB RAM, and Windows 10 Pro. Windows, drivers, and BIOS are fully up-to-date. We have tried many fixes to no avail, including uninstalling Webroot SecureAnywhere antivirus, running BIOS and driver updates, turning off hardware acceleration on Chrome, turning off auto update in the Zwift software, updated Windows to current version. We also tried in multiple locations with different internet connections and it did the same thing, froze.

Any ideas or suggestions? They would be appreciated!



Hi @Jay_Smith1

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Did you upload your Log file to and look at the framerate to see if the system is running out of steam.

Another 10th gen iGPU.

Roll back the Intel driver as per this post: Zwift Crashing/Freezing Mid ride - #378 by Peter_Gross

Hi @Jay_Smith1

Sorry to hear about the app freezes and/or crashes.

I noticed that you have an open support request with our team, so we’ll keep working with you via email. Thanks!

Dave’s article he shared resolved the issue, downgraded the Intel graphics driver to and it did the trick!

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