PC Freezing Issues

Hey, Everyone. Been struggling with Zwift freezing issues for weeks now. I did not have any issues prior to the most recent Zwift update and I never had any issue on my old PC. Can someone take a look at my PC specs and see if they see anything? Thanks.

10th gen iGPUs are known to freeze up in Zwift. You’ll need to contact Support. They’ll tell you to buy something else, like an Apple TV.

Thanks, Dave. Would this solve the issue?

Neither are remotely suitable for Zwift. It’s a 3D game. However if you’re not bothered about graphics, get an Apple TV. If you’d rather use a PC instead, buy an old USFF desktop. These are ludicrously expensive for something that runs the game at its worst.

But just ask Support, they’ll give you the best information. :+1::+1::+1:

I’d say the zpcmr group on FB would give the best info!

Also, agreed, crazy prices for not much performance. There are use cases for a small PC but Zwift isn’t one. I’d bet running it on your phone with an HDMI cable to a TV would be better!

Thanks, guys. I’ve used a mini pc for the last few years, as it served multiple purposes. My main reason for going with a PC again was so that I can stream movies/shows on the same monitor while Zwifting and that’s all it’s used for. Will the new Apple TV’s allow for that?

Steaming movies at the same time as Zwift? I believe the sound will only be from the Zwift app, so not ideal, unless things have gotten better? @Nigel_Tufnel did you ever get this working?

You can get audio from the movie but it’s not ideal.

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