Will Zwift work on Apple TV Gen3 Model A1427 (1080P)

I am tired of all the PC freezes I am getting recently and was told to try AppleTv. I found something cheap on Marketplace but would like to be sure it will work before purchasing. Will Zwift work on Apple TV Gen3 Model A1427 (1080P) ? Thanks everyone.

Have you tried turning off video screenshots (assuming it is available to you and turned on), that usually helps with PC issues.

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That will not work. You need the 4th gen Apple TV HD or later. I recommend getting one of the 4K models though.

If you provide copious detail about the PC we might be able to help you sort it out. Need to know all the hardware specs.


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Hi Paul. The freezes have occured 3 times in a row 3 weeks ago. 4 or 5 minutes into a course, the image would just freeze up but I could still hear the program running and my companion app was still going. I uninstalled and reinstalled zwift, rebooted my pc and router and the issue was resolved for a few weeks. Yesterday it happened again twice but this time the companion app wasn’t able to connect to my ride. Had to ctrl-alt-del and shut down zwift. I have since uninstalled and reinstalled and turned off auto video screenshots but haven’t had the chance to try it yet.

Disabling video screenshots often helps with the game freezing on PCs.

Other things to try include disabling OneDrive or any cloud sync services that use the Documents folder, disabling any anti-virus software other than Microsoft Defender, and updating video drivers (depending on which GPU you have). For example if you have Intel integrated graphics, try downloading the driver from the Intel web site.

If the Companion app can’t connect but the game is still working, that’s often a problem with either WiFi or the device running Companion. A good first step for that would be to put the phone in airplane mode and then enable WiFi manually so it has no access to the cellular data network.

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I really suck at IT related stuff. Got the computer new for Christmas 2023. It’s an Asus with Win11 Icore5. I looked at the graphic card and there is only one Intel.

Ok, so I disabled the video snapshot function, turned off onedrive and removed McAffee (my free trial was up and was receiving popups). I did one Zwift ride yesterday with no issues. Will test again this afternoon and hopefully all is well. Thanks.

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