Zwift not responding b

I’m using an intel nuc core i5 on windows 11 and getting zwift not responding but eventually it does load the game. I have been reading on here about integrated graphics causing issues, in fact today I had a ride freeze on me which was annoying to say the least :rage:

I’m thinking I should get an apple TV, are these devices good for running zwift ? I’ve had look on eBay UK and there are 3rd gen for around £30 up to 5th gen for over £100

I am new to zwift and I just want it to work. I bought the zwift hub and I’m starting to get disappointed with this purchase. I haven’t been able to do spindown yet because you can’t with a pc with ant+ so I installed the game on my android phone just to do the spindown and I couldn’t get passed the splash screen, the swipe doesn’t work.

Oh will the apple TV be compatible with zwift companion app running on my android phone

Thanks for any replies

Many people enjoy using Apple TV with Zwift.

The 3rd Gen HD model is not compatible with Zwift. The 3rd Gen 4K model is compatible (though it won’t do game graphics in 4K). The HD models from 4th gen and later are compatible but not recommended. Any of the 4K models will be OK, but the price of the latest one came down a lot so that usually makes the most sense. The newest remote is also better than the previous ones.

A £10 USB Bluetooth adapter for the PC would resolve this.


Thank you so much for your detailed reply, I have a Bluetooth dongle on order from amazon, so I will persevere with the PC, I can cope with the ‘not responding issue’ it doesn’t last that long.

I’ll only splash out on an Apple TV if the in game freezing/crashing carries on.

I’ve had the “not responding” thing happen, and mine also goes away if you wait. I have found that while you are on the blue splash screen, you CANNOT click. Not sure why.
A similar problem has happened if, after the pairing screen opens, you click anywhere before a few seconds have passed, the game freezes to the point that I have to close it and reopen it.

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I run Zwift on a variety of PC hardware, all quite old, well specced for the age, but not up to modern standards. All are Core i7, 8-16GB RAM, SSDs. GFX vary from laptop integrated, RX 570 and Quadro (mobile).

After seven years on Zwift I’m quite used to seeing “not responding” every time I load Zwift and even when I exit Zwift.

It’s a small irritation, but I’m used to it. The game experience is not affected. No freezes or other glitches. Frame rates may be down to 30ish at times (sometimes less) and I may not see Ultra graphics, but the gameplay is fine.

I don’t know what sort of hardware is required in order not to see the message, but I’m in no rush to change my setup. I just make sure to be booting my machine at least five minutes before an event start.

Android game startup is much quicker. But the game experience falls short of the PC/ laptop.

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