Apple TVOS14 Picture in Picture

I see that the new Apple TV OS version 14 is adding picture-in-picture. Can anyone confirm/deny if this will work such that I can Zwift AND watch the TdF (in the NBS Sports app or otherwise) at the same time? And, if possible, how would I do that?

Some people on the big Facebook group have been beta testing it, worked fine I think. Not sure about sound though.

I thought this would be a cool feature, but with the headaches seen with the ATv remote (which is pretty much the only way to control Zwift on ATv) I personally think it’s more novelty than functional. I’m interested in the testers comments. For now I will stick with Zwift on ATv alone while watching something on a tablet, or vice versa.

I wonder if Zwift is even supported on tvOS 14 yet.

I found picture-in-picture pretty limited during beta.

Only the AppleTV app seemed to have the option to go into PiP mode and then if you opened Zwift in the main window you lost sound from the video. Maybe in time more apps will support picture in picture.

My ideal would be putting Zwift in the small window whilst doing a workout and watching something on the main window. I think this would depend on Zwift allowing PiP mode (not even sure if this is possible for apps - maybe limited to video content).

Another option would be to Airplay Zwift from phone to the small window but I can’t see if that’s possible either.

It is. I rode this am on 14. It was no different and no issues.

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Would you be able to provide some insight as to how to run the PiP with Zwift and, say, the NBC Sports app?

I can put the picture from the Apple TV app in any corner but sound comes from Zwift instead of the TV show. Fine for sports but talk shows, not so much. I’ll play around with it later today to see if I can get Zwift to minimize to a corner, which I doubt, or to get sound from the small picture.

But how do I actually initiate the PiP? That is, how do I start up an app, and then start a second app and put one of them into the PiP?

not sure if this is helpful Nigel, good luck figuring it out.

Thanks, Mike! I’ll give that a shot.

Yeah, I’m seeing the same as a previous poster. I was really hoping that this would work in tvOS 14 with Zwift. Even if it’s Zwift as the main app and my movie playing PNP, it’d be much better than what I’m doing now.

Hey Zwift, can you let the PNP take over the sound? I don’t need the game sounds while I’m watching a movie.

I stream on my Apple TV via the GCN app. Disadvantage: I only hear the sound from Zwift - not from the stream. It would be great if I could hear the sound of Swift and the stream at the same time.

If the app you are trying to put in picture doesn’t support pip (like dazn I found). You can start that video on another device (iPad), do screen mirror or airplay to the tv, then do pip to it and start Zwift.

I haven’t tried this, but this may work for Zwift if you want it in the small window. Do mirroring from you phone/pad, start Zwift on your phone/pad then select the pip on the tv to send the mirror of Zwift small and then start the video you want on the tv.

Any updates on this? What i am trying to achieve is put youtube video playing in small window in corner and getting sound from it, while having zwift on big screen.

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Doesnt seem like we’re asking for much does it? It works fine on the ipad but transferring to Apple TV seems like a step backwards for picture in picture and Zwift!

Not an ATV user - but how do you connect the ATV to your TV? I have a HDMI connection from my PC to an (old) Sony TV and use the PIP function of the TV with no problems.