Picture in Picture

Hi all, I’m using a MacBook Air to zwift with. Can I get Picture in Picture to watch streaming services too. Or is that another screen/device

I’m not familiar with macOS but I assume you’d just have to use windowed mode.

run it in windowed mode.

Or if you have two devices depends if your TV supports picture in picture.

I have ATV and PC connected to the same screen i can use both.

It would be cool to see something like this added though.

what exactly do you mean? Zwift somehow create a inbuilt web browser/streaming plugin?

Seems a lot of work for Zwift to do when you can simply run Zwift windowed with streaming window on top already.

Sort of like what youtube has, where you could see where you are zwifting and all you stats.

you mean where you could break back to the menu or garage screens but continuing to see your avatar riding in another window?

yes, or go to a different screen with it oing in the bottom corner