PIP support for Apple TV TVOS 13

In TV OS 13 of Apple TV is PIP (picture in picture) prepared. The TV app can already be displayed as a PIP. It would be great if you ride Zwift and can watch a movie on the side. Also, it would be nice if the movie is running in full screen mode and Zwift is displayed as a PIP.

I fully agree, this is something that is missing. I wonder why others are not craving for that. May be more users should give their support via this forum.


Adding another vote for this… My personal preference is to run some entertainment as full screen - Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, etc. Then, have Zwift in the PiP window - ideally having options to choose the size and flip the foreground/background views on demand.

I currently run Netflix on my AppleTV and Zwift on my iPad.


Plus 1 vote!