PiP Support for Apple TV

Hi Zwift Developers,
Is tehre any plans for including PiP support for Apple TV. This option will definitely be most welcome by Zwift community as allows to watch other content while still on Zwift.

2nd that

Although this is an interesting request, I would say Zwift should focus to make Zwift more interactive and entertaining that you don’t need to watch tv while Zwifting.

What is the point of paying for Zwift if you are watching TV.

It’s not perfect but…

Hi Gerrie, I get your point however, when one is cycling on Zwift worlds one’s attention is to Zwift game, but for long Erg trainings there’s no much engagement on the zwift world/route, on this case Zwift can be perfectly running on the background controlling the resistance of the trainer while one is entertained whatching something else… anyway, having this option I think some would use it (like me), some would not… so I definitely would like Zwift to implement it. Cheers.

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@B_Jimmy Thanks for the tip. Iad seen the video already thus I created this request. The video shows that PiP is supported by Apple devices but Zwift is always the big screen. If Zwift also supported PiP then Zwift could be puit on the small window and video on the big one… that’s the idea. Thanks anyway :+1:t3:

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I understand the request, but I think for Zwift to work on something that will take users eyes off Zwift is a bad move. At some point those users will realize they can just use their cycling computer to control the trainer and watch youtube and that is free.

I am currently playing PUBG while zwift run in the background during a Z2 workout.

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Sounds like the use case for this feature request is someone very much like yourself :joy:

Yes, that is why I urge Zwift to make it so that we don’t have to find alternative entertainment while Zwifting.

The question is why should I still have Zwift in the background? That is what Zwift need to solve.

This would be welcome in my house as My wife has just started zwifting, and has to run zwift on her phone so she can watch netflix on the big screen.

I will try the Lama PIP from netflix instead, but the otherway round would be welcome.