Cadence is not working properly

I have a brand new Wahoo Kickr and Wahoo Cadence sensor.
I’m using a Stumpjumper with a SRAM NX 12 speed cassette and when I go into the top 2 or 3 climbing gears my cadence drops by about 50%. It should be showing around 85 but it shows in the 40’s. When I go back down on the gears the cadence corrects. From this, it seems to me, that my cadence must be getting estimated and is not coming from the sensor.

I was unaware that the Kickr has a built in cadence estimator and Zwift was connecting to that instead of the actual cadence sensor. Now that I know this, I can make sure that Zwift connects to the actual cadence sensor and everything works great!

I am using a Tacx and while i Know that my cadence is at least 95 my zwift app reads 60, what can i do to fix this problem?

I am using the app in the ipad (connected to electricity, it is not a battery problem.



Same problem here with garmin

Similar problem here. When using Zwift on iPad my Wahoo speed and cadence sensors get mixed up. If I remove cadence from sensor range the speed sensor works and I can ride, albeit without cadence data. If I keep cadence sensor in range it connects but in the speed slot, and the speed sensor shows up as an unnamed sensor. Sometimes I can ride but cadence is way off, sometimes my avatar doesn’t move. HR data from Garmin Fenix 6 displays in Zwift. Have unpaired and repaired many times. Problem does not occur w Zwift on iPhone.

#truth. Thank you

Could this also be happening if you have a Wahoo Kikr (Snap) for Cadence?

+1. Between the inconstant kicker RPM and my Apple Watch being zapped from refusing to end HR monitor, managing sensors feels like more effort than the workout (almost) :slight_smile:

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Same thing here, Caps at 64 RPM with Wahoo Cadence on Zwift companion app

I’m having the same issue. New Wahoo KickR Core. Performed the Wahoo power calibration, power feels right, but RPM shown on ZC never goes above 65 even when I pedaling like crazy! Strangely the PC-TV screen shows 0 for cadence.

Same issue here. Been that way for years. Even though I am a high cadence rider, Zwift thinks I’m a masher. I have tried multiple sensors.

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It is especially frustrating when a workout tells me to pedal at a certain cadence. Have your tried Rouvy?

Solution: In parametre , select Immediat power instead of 3 seconds average. This solved the problem on my Tacx Flux.