Cadence is not working properly

I have a brand new Wahoo Kickr and Wahoo Cadence sensor.
I’m using a Stumpjumper with a SRAM NX 12 speed cassette and when I go into the top 2 or 3 climbing gears my cadence drops by about 50%. It should be showing around 85 but it shows in the 40’s. When I go back down on the gears the cadence corrects. From this, it seems to me, that my cadence must be getting estimated and is not coming from the sensor.

I was unaware that the Kickr has a built in cadence estimator and Zwift was connecting to that instead of the actual cadence sensor. Now that I know this, I can make sure that Zwift connects to the actual cadence sensor and everything works great!

I am using a Tacx and while i Know that my cadence is at least 95 my zwift app reads 60, what can i do to fix this problem?

I am using the app in the ipad (connected to electricity, it is not a battery problem.



Same problem here with garmin

Similar problem here. When using Zwift on iPad my Wahoo speed and cadence sensors get mixed up. If I remove cadence from sensor range the speed sensor works and I can ride, albeit without cadence data. If I keep cadence sensor in range it connects but in the speed slot, and the speed sensor shows up as an unnamed sensor. Sometimes I can ride but cadence is way off, sometimes my avatar doesn’t move. HR data from Garmin Fenix 6 displays in Zwift. Have unpaired and repaired many times. Problem does not occur w Zwift on iPhone.