Wahoo - cadence drops off

I’m a total newbie, only 2 days into my free trial, but am finding it hard to enjoy Zwift fully due to my cadence dropping to zero frequently when riding.

My kit: Lifeline TT01 turbo (not smart), Wahoo Cadence, Wahoo Speed, Garmin HR.


On a non-smart trainer, do I need to consider altering my pedalling when, for example, going uphill? Should I be looking at the screen and altering my performance on the bike, to avoid cadence dropping on-screen?

Could it be a Bluetooth/ANT+ issue, which I’ve suspected? I’ve made the recommended changes here, so am hopeful this isn’t the cause.


Assistance greatly appreciated.


What are you running Zwift on – PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android?

Windows laptop, Steve.

Welcome to Zwift Ollie! There’s a couple things that could be interfering with your cadence/speed sensors enough to cause some disconnect, and this article will lay them all out for you: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/205703259-I-m-not-moving-in-game-speed-cadence-sensor-

If you those steps don’t help you can always send in a support ticket, although hopefully that article gives you what you need to get a great ride in!