Cadence maxed out at 68

I’m running Zwift through an iPad with Wahoo sensors cadence speed and heart rate then a Tacx blue Matic dumb trainer.
My issue is the cadence is not going above 68 no matter what I try but with the Wahoo Bolt beside the IPad it’s say 98 & 130 what ever I push it to. Any ideas?

Are you connecting the Wahoo sensors to the Bolt using ANT+?


I’ve had similar problems a few times before (w/ a Garmin ANT+ cadence sensor connected to Win10 laptop). It’s random, and relatively rare - but same basic thing. No matter how fast I spin, cadence in Zwift is stuck in the 60s.

I just stop, go back to the pairing screen, ‘unpair’ the sensor then pair it again. That’s never failed to ‘fix’ the issue, fwiw.

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Hi Joe thanks for your speedy reply I think I’ve sorted it! well diagnosed it. Basically it’s to much going on for the IPad to process.
I have previously been using a laptop but that has become to old to work Zwift even when it has been stripped.
Looks like Apple TV is the way to go.
Thanks again.

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I had the same problem recently (July 2021) with Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor 2. I discovered that if I connect my Garmin watch to the sensors first (ANT+), then reconnect on Zwift, everything works fine.