Cadence and power keeps dropping to zero

Can anybody help? I’ve only been on ZWIFT for a couple of weeks. No matter how hard I try I get completely left by the peloton within the first few seconds - I noticed my power and cadence intermittently drops to 0 Repeatedly- so my pedalling is constantly on and off - is this usual? Any ideas or solutions?

Can you post a run down of your setup, also include how you are connecting your devices to the Zwift App. This will make it easier to assist in troubleshooting your issues.

Thanks Paul. Basic set up - ZWIFT on iPad, cadence from the Garmin Edge 520 sensor - the trainer which is likely the problem I guess is the Qubo Elite Smart B+ - and for what it’s worth
I place the iPad on a set of stepladders:)

How are you connecting the Garmin Edge 520 to Zwift? As far as I know you cannot use a Garmin head unit to bridge the ANT+ signal to a BLE device.

What are you using for a cadence sensor?

Here is a link to troubleshoot the Bluetooth dropouts:

Cheers Paul - I’ll take a look

Do you think if I buy an ANT+ connection it will resolve the Bluetooth falling out?

If you are going to use an iPad you are going to be stuck using BLE in some manner or another.