Power and cadence dropouts

Anyone else experiencing constant power and cadence dropouts since the new update? HRM is stable but other readings keep dropping out for a few seconds no matter how I pair my turbo trainer (bluetooth or ant+). Doesn’t seem to be a problem with the turbo (rebooted it a few times) or the ant+ dongle (tried three different dongles and all kept losing the signal)

I rode for 2 hours this morning without a single dropout. Usually, I would have two or three in that time.

I have the exact same issue with my Tacx Neo 2t Smart and my Garmin Edge 830. HRM stable but cadence and power regular dropouts ! I tried different settings but I still have these frequent dropouts during few seconds. I put a picture of one of my workout stats… Is there a way to correct this issue ?

Just a question - why do you use Garmin Edge 830 when Zwifting? Could it be “stealing” your sensor’s signal?

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no, ant+ broadcasts signal things can pick it up when they are in range

think of it a bit like having two radios next to each other - one wouldn’t impact the signal strength the other one gets

the only problem you may have is if you pair it as a smart trainer it may try and control the resistence

are those graphs from the zwift workout or your garmin upload?

I use the Garmin Edge in order to have my Garmin stats updated (Training Status, Training Load, etc.). These datas are not included if I send automatically Zwift activities to Garmin Connect.

You’re right Chris, Ant+ signal is “open”, and a lot of trackers can receive the signal without any problem. Moreover, Zwift is connected to the smart trainer using BLE, and just the Edge is connected with Ant+. I tried different settings : Tacx Neo paired as a smart trainer and without pairing it as a smart trainer (pairing the smart trainer only as a power sensor) and the issue is still there. The graphs are from Garmin but I have sometimes (less regularly) the issue on Zwift (as you can see). Thanks for your help !

Have you tried to analyze the log file through this website? https://zwiftalizer.com/

I have had similar problems and it has helped me a lot to be able to see the log and analyze what was happening.

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I received a reply from Zwift support. Not sure how relevant it is as the dropouts happen so haphazardly (different rooms, different setups, etc) but it may be useful to you

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So if the zwift file is ok and you are connected via Bluetooth it seems there is a problem with your Garmin or trainer broadcasting ant+ and it is not a zwift problem.

Could be WiFi interference or even the Bluetooth signal affecting the ant+ signal. Maybe try connecting everything (including zwift) by ant+ and see if that helps

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