Tacx NEO 2T power dropoutson Zwift and even on Sufferfest

Hello, hope you’re well.
Bought new Tacx Neo 2T and power intermittently dropouts during rides and races. I am also reading Garmin Edge 520 plus. Driving me insane. How do I solve this?

What are you running Zwift on? Connected via Bluetooth or ANT+? etc… Some details would be useful in getting you sorted.

Do you also see drops on the Garmin?

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Hi lin, hope you’re well and thanks for this.
Running Zwift on my MacBook. GarminEdge520 also drops out but not at the same time. The GArmin usually drops out first, comes back on and then the Tacx goes. The dropout also happens on sufferfest.
I have changed the battery of the cadence sensor also.
I updated the tacx app this morning to 0.0.36.
Hope this helps

… any chance of interference from other devices? 2.4Ghz WiFi, other BLE devices, etc.?

Hi B, thanks for this.
What should I have my wifi set to? All our stuff in the house in apple. That should be unaffected by BLE right?
Thanks again and look forward to your thoughts

Hmmm… Not an :apple: guy, but basically, vacant your 2.4Ghz band for Zwift/trainer only.

I use the 5 Ghz band while Zwifting, shutting down my 2.4 Ghz band. Be sure to disable any and all BT on all devices, unless required for Zwifting.

Good luck!

Are you pairing via Bluetooth or ANT+ to your MacBook?

If using ANT+, I highly recommend a USB extension cable for the ANT+ dongle.

Note if using Bluetooth, you cannot pair it to both the Garmin and the MacBook at the same time. This will cause issues. Turn the Garmin 520 Bluetooth off and pair to the Garmin via ANT+. The Neo will do both simultaneously, Garmin520<-> Neo ANT+ and MacBook Bluetooth<->Neo ANT+

As for the Wifi, see if you can change the settings to use 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz. This will help with removing a possible source of interference.