Drop outs with Tacx Neo

I’m having dropout issues during my races on Zwift. Avatar just stops and numbers go to zero, I still pedal and comes back but you are out the back, annoying, any information welcomed.

I’m using a MacBook Pro connected Ethernet cable, hdmi from Mac to TV.


How are you connecting your trainer to your laptop, Bluetooth or ANT+? Sounds like the trainer to laptop comms is dropping out.

Connecting by ant plus dongle and Bluetooth.


So which is your trainer connected on? Have you tried both BT and ANT+ to see if one is more stable than the other?

Could there be someone nearby using a micowave oven, video sender, baby monitor or other radio-based device? These can all interfere with both technologies since the use the same 2.4 GHz band.

Thanks, I’ll check and try this first. There is no other things connected.

It’s got all the hallmarks of Ant+ being just out of range. Happened to a lot of us. Think I did 8 months before one day mine just started doing it. Had an extension ever since and all the systems I’ve built since have an extension with the dongle sat under the wings of the Neo.

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