Ant + drop out

OK just recently I have been experiencing drop outs. TACX Neo, Thought it was because I was running zwift from a pc running window 7. So tried it on my laptop, windows 10,still happening. Today it happened in ERG mode. Any thoughts to the problem, I was wondering if the Ant dongle was playing up. But don’t want to buy another if not the problem.

Hi Clifford,
do you use a usb extension lead?
I use one to bring my Ant+ dongle to within 30 cm of the centre of my bike. It has to pick up HRM, cadence sensor and Neo. Never had a problem.
Don’t know if that will help. Hope it will.

Hi thanks for the reply. Yes I do use a USB extension lead. Today the green light went out on the turbo. For about 2 minutes. Never had a real problem before, had the odd drop out, but now it is happening on a regular basis.

Hi Clifford,
the green light going out would I think suggest that the Neo can no longer find the Ant+ dongle. It would be worth trying your system without the extension lead to see if the intermittent problem is with the lead rather than the dongle itself. Also try another usb port if you have one. Failing that I’m guessing it could be the dongle itself.
Bearing in mind that everything I have written above is just a guess.
Let us know how you get on if you can.

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