BLE keeps dropping during ride between Ipad2 and Elite Digital Smart B+

(Leigh Pilcher) #1

On every ride when using the IPad 2, Elite Digital Smart B+ and the Bluetooth ling during the ride the cadence and watts drop, stops pedalling and then just starts again, this happens at least 20 Plus times during a 10 mile ride but is affecting the data and quality of the ride. Plus is very frustrating not forgetting the premium paid to apple for the privilege of using IOS rather then my PC. I set this up so that my partner and I can both go on a ride at the same time, the PC, ANT-E works with no issues. Please help while i still have an Ipad!

(Jason K) #2

Sorry to hear you’re having problems getting a smooth ride in! We’ve written a guide to eliminating signal drops, so I’d recommend trying the steps there first - it covers everything we see most commonly.

If you’re still seeing problems after going through that, submit a ticket via, and we can help you troubleshoot further. Thanks!